Land Development Control Authority

The Land Development Control Authority (LDCA) is responsible for making decisions on development applications. The LDCA Members are appointed by His Excellency the Governor, but are independent of the Government.

The LDCA meets on the first Wednesday of each month to receive reports on the development applications and make decisions. The meetings are open to the public and those who have made representation to the application can make a request to address the meeting.

The Agenda, Minutes and Reports to be discussed are available on this page from mid-afternoon on the Friday before the scheduled meeting.

We also have adverts for all Applications for Development Permission.

Meeting Notification

The Land Development Control Authority will hold its monthly meeting on Wednesday, 8 July 2020, at 10 am at the St Helena Community College, Jamestown.
Meetings of the Authority are open to members of the public, applicants and objectors.
The Agenda and redacted versions of the Handling Reports will be available on this web page.
Should you require assistance, please contact the Secretary of the Land Development Control Authority on telephone number 22270.
Applicants and objectors may speak at the meeting providing that a summary of the points to be raised has been submitted to the Secretary at least 24 hours before the meeting.

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Land Development Control Authority (LDCA) Agendas & Minutes





For older minutes of the Land Development Control Authority meetings, please visit the LDCA Archives page.