Maritime Administration

St Helena is situated in the South Atlantic Ocean, at 15° 56′ South, 005° 45′ West; the coast of Africa is 1,200 miles (1,950km) due East, and the coast of South America is 1,800 miles (2,900km) due West.

It is this isolation that has gained the Island a long maritime history, associated with trade routes, slavery, safe haven and exploration, and until 2016, the year of commercial flight inception, the only means of accessing St Helena was still by sea travel.

In November 2021 the St Helena Maritime Authority was created, the first ever Maritime Authority for St Helena, bringing the Islands maritime elements together and providing a structure for future development within the maritime community.

In recognising St Helena’s international obligations and the need for acceptable safety standards locally, the Authority has implemented a new Maritime Authority Advisory Board which is responsible for all maritime matters.

The primary aim is to develop and manage a maritime administration that meets compliance requirements for maritime safety and environmental protection, in adherence of our international maritime obligations.

The most common of these obligations is Safety of Life at Sea, SOLAS convention.

The Maritime Authority Advisory Board is composed of a number of different government departments, enabling it to conduct the various responsibilities appropriately.

These are

  • Port Control
  • Sea Rescue Service
  • Shipping Registry
  • Environmental Management

Contact Information:
Telephone + 290 25970
Mobile + 290

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