Driving Licence


In order to drive a motor vehicle on St Helena Island, a person must be in possession of a valid driving licence. A visitor or first time arrival may use their country’s licence for a period of three months within the year.

If staying for longer than three months, or a frequent visitor, it is advisable to apply for a St Helena Driver’s licence. A St Helena licence can be acquired at the Post & Customer Services Centre in Jamestown.

An applicant for a St Helena driving licence the applicant must apply in person.

A driver’s licence will not be issued to a person who is overseas.

Age restriction for driving a motor vehicle on St Helena is 18 years, young drivers of age 18 years may apply for a Private Motor car (class A) or a motorcycle (class E)

A first time applicant for a St Helena Driving Licence, who has a Driver’s Licence issued by their country of origin, should produce that driver’s licence and their passport when making their application. Without a current licence the applicant will
need to take out a St Helena Drivers Provisional Licence

A driving licence will not be recognised, unless any writing or printing appearing on it is in English or is accompanied (either within the document or as a separate document) by a translation into English

The prescribed form should be completed by the applicant in their handwriting.

Customer Service Centre staff has being instructed that assistance can only be given to applicants who cannot read. An endorsement to that effect will be made on the rear of the form to indicate that the form was not completed by the applicant.

The applicant is required to have studied the St Helena Highway Code.

A copy of the St Helena Highway Code can be purchased at the Customer Service Centre.

Once satisfied with their answers on the application form, the applicant shall sign the declaration.

It is an offence for a person who, for the purpose of obtaining a licence, knowingly makes a false statement.

Your application will be considered. If any enquires are necessary you will be notified of your application in due course.

On approval of your application and after payment, a Drivers Licence will be issued; the licence is also receipt of payment.

Drivers Licence are valid for a period of 12 months only.


All motor vehicles including trailers must be registered

All vehicles requires a registration number.

The number allocated is to register the vehicle for use on a road and is not the registered owner’s personal number. If a vehicle is not licenced for a period of three years the number may be reallocated.

The allocated registration holder cannot transfer the number to another person. In order to transfer the registration number to another person, the current holder must alert a Customer Services Officer at the Post & Customer Services Centre of their intention to do so. The transfer will require a signed letter from the current owner.

An application for registration of motor vehicle or trailer must be completed and the declaration signed.

On receipt of payment your vehicle will be registered with the allocated registration number.

The allocated registration number must be clearly displayed on your vehicle. All vehicle Registration plates must comply with St Helena’s Road Traffic Laws specifications.

In the case of a motor cycle, only one registration number plate is required, which must be fitted to the rear of the motor cycle.


Before a motor vehicle can be used on a road it must have a valid Vehicle licence.

An appointment should be made with an approved Vehicle Inspector for a
Roadworthiness Certificate.

If the vehicle does not have a valid licence, a permit to move an unlicenced vehicle will need to be obtained from the Post & Customer Services Centre during normal working hours for the purpose of being examined by an Inspector. The permit will authorise the motor vehicle to be used on a road for the purposes of the examination at such times and subject to such conditions as the licensing officer may prescribe.

The permit is not an insurance policy, and the vehicle must be insured if used on a road.

When and if your vehicle ‘Pass’ the vehicle inspectors examination, a certificate will be issued.

If a vehicle fails to meet the criteria for a roadworthiness certificate, the Vehicle Inspector will advise the owner of the reasons for the failure, and make one of the following decisions with regard to how the vehicle should be moved from the examination site:

a) If safe to do so, the Vehicle Inspector might instruct the owner to drive the vehicle away
b) If considered a danger to road users, the Vehicle Inspector will advise that the vehicle must be towed or carried away

For continuity purposes the vehicle should be returned to the inspector who failed the vehicle for re-examination.

A fee is required for re-examination, if the road licence has been revoked or is no longer valid a permit to move an unlicenced vehicle will be required

Upon issue of a roadworthiness certificate, the original document should be taken to the Post & Customer Services Centre in order to acquire a road licence for the vehicle. Proof of insurance is also required in order for the licence to be issued. As a courtesy gesture, it is allowed for a vehicle to be issued a roadworthiness certificate and a road licence three months prior to the road licence expiry date.

A Trailer/Vehicle Licence is valid for a year


If a motor vehicle changes ownership whether through a sale, gift, and part
ownership or otherwise, the registered owner of the vehicle must notify the Post & Customer Service Centre staff within seven days of the change of ownership.

The new owner must register the vehicle in their name. Failure to do so is an offence.

Proof of ownership is expected, this may be in form of a bill of sale or other certified document signed by the interested parties. A verbal notification will not suffice.

A ‘Notification of change of ownership of motor vehicle or trailer’ form should be completed, once satisfied with proof of ownership and on receiving the required fee the Customer Service Officer will amend the registration details to the new owner.


All motor vehicles used on a road must be covered by third party insurance. If not the owner/driver or both could be liable for prosecution and if convicted likely to be disqualified from driving.

The Customer Service Centre staff will require proof of insurance when registering vehicles or renewing vehicle licence.

The Customer Service Centre staff remit does not include giving advice on
insurance, this must be in consultation with your insurance provider