Labour Regulating Authority

The Labour Regulating Authority (LRA) is a statutory body created in 2010 by the Employment Rights Ordinance and it has a number of duties. These are:

(a) to promote and protect the rights of employees granted under the Ordinance;

(b) to advise the Governor in Council and any relevant Council Committee on labour protection issues

(c) to investigate and determine claims made by employees under the Ordinance; and

(d) to prepare and publish guidelines on best practice and codes of practice in employment protection for employers, employees and workers.

Labour Regulating Authority Guidelines and Codes of Practice Consultation Process 2021

The LRA has now issued draft guidelines and codes of practice for consultation which can be found below.

The consultation period will end on 30th April 2021.

Following the end of the consultation period the necessary amendments will be made and then the resulting guidelines and codes will be sent to the Education and Employment Committee for adoption.

Letters to persons who the LRA specifically wish to consult with will be sent, however we are anxious to hear from as many people as possible during the process. We are interested to hear any views any person may have but ask that thought is given to content, layout and how employers and employees should be made aware of their existence.

In relation to content the LRA is interested in the extent of the information provided, is it too much or too little? For the codes of practice and advice given in the guidelines are these drafted in such a way that makes them readily comprehensible? Are the codes of practice too prescriptive? Do these guidelines and codes of practice increase the administrative burden on employers?

In relation to layout can the guidelines be easily followed? Are the hyperlinks useful? We have specifically designed them so that minimal bandwidth is used, consequently they will not replicate how one might see such documents in other parts of the world.

Finally, the LRA has not finished its work and will issue further guidance in due course. We would be grateful to have your views on other areas of employment practice that could benefit from guidance.

These questions are not exhaustive and any other matters that any person or body deems relevant will be considered by the LRA. Please can you ensure any response to this consultation is received on or before the deadline of 30th April 2021 and sent to Yvonne Williams at

Duncan Cooke
Chairman, Labour Regulating Authority