Public Announcements

  • Rebroadcast Of The Funeral Of Mr Sean Burns MBE

    The funeral of the late Sean Burns MBE took place on Friday 12 May 2023 at Bangor Crematorium in north Wales, United Kingdom.
    A recording of the service has now been downloaded and will be rebroadcast in full at the Courthouse on Thursday 25 May at 16:30. The service lasts for approximately 40 minutes

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  • Tax Timeline

    Friday 30 June 2023 is the final date for self-employed businesses and companies to submit a tax return and profit & loss accounts.
    Please take note, any Tax Returns and Accounts not submitted to the Tax Office by Friday 30 June 2023 will result in the £100 penalty being automatically applied.

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  • Constituency Meetings

    The public are invited to note the following dates and times for Elected Member constituency meetings.  These meetings are an opportunity for you to meet with your District Representative and raise any issues you might have. You are encouraged to attend the meeting in the district that you live.     Constituency meetings will take place at […]

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  • Arrival Of The Maria Da Paz And Mt Sarah

    The cargo ship, the MV Maria Da Paz, is scheduled to arrive at St Helena on Friday 26 May 2023. Jamestown Wharf and the whole of Lower Rupert’s, including the beach area, will be closed to the public from Friday 26 May 2023 until Sunday 28 May 2023.
    The MT Sarah is due to arrive on Sunday 28 May 2023, and fuel discharging will then take place over the following two to three days. Therefore Rupert’s Jetty, including the beach area, will be closed to the public during this operation.

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  • Limited Number Of Audiology Appointments Now Available

    There are a limited number of appointments with the Audiologist available to members of the public.   
    Therefore appointments are only available up to Friday, 26 May 2023 by calling the General Hospital on telephone number 22500.

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  • Cargo Clearance Procedure

    Port Control and HM Customs advise that with immediate effect, requests for off-loading cargo at Rupert’s should be submitted three days in advance for each voyage of the Maria Da Paz arriving at St Helena. Requests are to be made by completing and returning an application form. These can be requested by email via, and available on the SHG website.

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  • Road Closure Lower Shy Road

    Lower Shy Road will be closed to vehicular traffic from Tuesday 23 May 2023 to Friday 26 May 2023, from 08.30 am to 3.30 pm each day.

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  • Safeguarding Training Opportunities 2023/24

    SHG are pleased to be offering a number of different safeguarding training courses between April 2023 and March 2024.
    Internet/Cyber Security
    Children’s Safeguarding
    Corporate Parenting
    Adult Safeguarding
    Child Sexual Exploitation
    For a full list of course dates, more information, or to make an application to attend one of the courses, please contact Carley Peters, St Helena Community College, by email through

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  • Select Committee 2 – Topic For Scrutiny

    Select Committee 2 have selected Asset Disposal as their first topic for scrutiny.
    Areas to be scrutinised sitting under the Treasury, Infrastructure and Sustainable Development Portfolio are:
    Disposal of ex-Basil Read assets
    Disposal of ex-RMS St Helena assets
    Areas to be scrutinised relating to Central Support Services are:
    Disposal of vehicles and associated parts/stock
    Disposal of IT equipment and consumables

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  • Select Committee 1 – Topic For Scrutiny

    Members of the public are hereby notified that Select Committee 1 have selected Fisheries – A Cross-Functional Review, as their first topic for scrutiny:
    Fisheries, namely the application of the Fish and Fish Products Ordinance, and the Fisheries Ordinance.

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