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St Helenian stamps are a prolific source of revenue for St Helena Government.  They have become popular with tourists and philatelists around the world.  The St Helena Post Office aims to release six stamp issues per year, entirely at the discretion of the ‘Stamp Advisory Group’.

Conceiving of a stamp issue starts with the Stamp Advisory Group, chaired by a member of SHG Corporate Finance and consisting of members,  Customer Services Manager (Postmistress), Assistant Customer Services Manager (Postmistress’s Assistant), a member of the SHG Press Office, and the SHG Postal Officer.  Members decide on a theme, which could include local or international issues relating to St Helena – endemics of St Helena, British Royal engagements, or an anniversary of an internationally renowned historical figure that has an affiliation with St Helena, e.g.  Charles Darwin.

When a theme has been decided, it is the job of the postal staff to research and collate information relating to the stamp issue.  Images are sourced locally and overseas, ensuring that permission is granted by owners of images before use.

Once all information is collated, it is sent to the UK to be processed.  All stamps have to be granted approval by Her Majesty before going to print.  Her Majesty has strict reservations regarding British Overseas Territories stamp issues, including ensuring the protection of Her Majesty’s interests overseas, and above all the protection of the dignity of the Crown.

Royal approval granted, the issue goes to print.  The stock is sent to St Helena, and is received in due course by the St Helena Post Office in mint condition.

All new St Helena Stamp Issues will be posted here. 

Local customers can purchase merchandise from the Customer Services Centre in Jamestown. 

Overseas customers can contact the U.K agent on e-mail to place an order.

1 August 2023Christmas 2023 – Extinct Land Birds

This Stamp Issue themed “Christmas 2023 – Extinct Land Birds” features a collection of images which had been sourced, designed and drawn by Artist, Julian Hume following a visit to the Island where he had found remains of these extinct birds.

When first discovered in 1502, St Helena was heavily forested with a mosaic of vegetation zones ranging from dry forest and wooded grasslands in the lowlands to wet cloud forest on the mountain peaks. At least five endemic land birds once occurred on the island, all known from fossils only, with potentially more awaiting discovery. Four of these birds were contemporary with the first human settlers on St Helena and disappeared due to the introduction of invasive animals and severe deforestation, whereas the St Helena Dove Dysmoropelia dekarchiskos may have died out naturally. Considered vulnerable but with a slowly increasing population, the St Helena Wirebird Charadrius sanctaehelenae is the only endemic land bird surviving today.

The Stamp Issue consists of 4 stamps – The Crake valued 40p, The Rail valued 60p, The Cuckoo valued £1.35 & The Hoopoe valued £1.50 and a Souvenir Sheet depicting The Dove valued £3.00.


Souvenir Sheet

First Day Cover Image’s with cachet

1 June 2023In memoriam – Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II stamp issue

This Stamp Issue themed “In Memoriam – Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II” features an assortment of images during the HM Queen Elizabeth’s reign.

This Issue honours the incredible life and legacy of Queen Elizabeth II and the collection of stamps celebrates her life during her 70 year reign.

The Stamp Issue consists of 4 stamps (valued 15p, 60p, 80p & £1.00) and a First Day Cover (FDC) depicting a collection of the stamps.

1 December 2022 – Anniversaries of Royal Visits

This Stamp Issue themed “Anniversaries of Royal Visits” features an assortment of pictures during visits of the Royal Household to St Helena Island in 1947, 1957 and 2002.

This Issue marks significant Royal Visit Anniversaries in 2022 with the visit of the Royal Family celebrating 75 years, the visit of the Duke of Edinburgh celebrating 65 years and the visit of Princess Anne celebrating 20 years.

The Stamp Issue consists of 6 stamps – 2 of each of the celebrated anniversaries (valued 40p, 50p, 60p, 80p, £1.10 & £1.50), a Souvenir Sheet depicting 3 stamps – 1 of each of the celebrated anniversaries and 2 First Day Covers (FDC) – 1 depicting a collection of the stamps and the other depicting the Souvenir Sheet.


Souvenir Sheet

First Day Cover Image’s with cachet

November 2022 – Jonathan, 190th Birthday

Jonathan the Seychelles Giant Tortoise is St Helena’s national treasure, having resided on the island since 1882. As of 2022, he held two Guinness World Records (the world’s oldest living land animal, and the oldest chelonian to have ever lived). Based on shell measurements documented shortly after Jonathan’s 1882 arrival to St Helena – which show he was fully grown (at least 50 years old) at the time – best estimates are that his 190th birthday occurs in 2022. This stamp issue celebrates this historic milestone of the historic creature. Images include the first known photograph of Jonathan, a visit to Jonathan by Princess Elizabeth, and modern images taken at Plantation House.

  • Four Valued Stamps (25p, 60p, 80p, £1.30)
  • Souvenir sheet: £2
  • First-day cover with souvenir sheet: £3.50
  • First-day cover with stamps: £4

3 June 2022 HM QUEEN ELIZABETH II Platinum Jubilee Celebrations 2022

To commemorate HM Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee which is being celebrated across the Commonwealth, the Post & Customer Services Centre of the St Helena Government will be releasing a Stamp Issue on 3rd June 2022 which will coincide with the celebrations on Island.

This Stamp Issue features various portraits both past and present of HM Queen Elizabeth II.

The Stamp Issue consists of 4 stamps (valued 60p, 80p, £1.10 and £1.30and a First Day Covers (FDC) of which will depict the stamps and a cachet depicting “70 Years – Platinum Jubilee Celebrations, HM QUEEN ELIZABETH II, St Helena • 3.6.22”.

1 December 2021 – Parenting in seabird colonies

This Stamp Issue features species of seabird found on and around St Helena, and focuses on breeding within colonies.  The issue is entitled “Parenting in Seabird Colonies”

The issue consists of 4 stamps (valued 15p, 40p, 60p & 80p), a Souvenir Sheet featuring a Tropic Bird Chick and a First Day Cover (FDC) depicting the four valued stamps and an enlarged image of a Fairy Tern Chick.


Souvenir Sheet

First Day Cover with Cachet

May 2021 – Bicentenary of the Death of Napoleon

This stamp issue will be released on 5 May 2021 and will feature images of the emperor’s final days on St Helena and will consist of the following:

  • Four Valued Stamps (50p, 80p, £1.30, £1.50)
  • Souvenir Sheet (£3.00)
  • First Day Cover with four Valued Stamps (£5.50)
  • First Day Cover with Souvenir Sheet (£5.50)
Four Valued Stamps
Souvenir Sheet
First Day Cover with four Valued Stamps
First Day Cover with Souvenir Sheet

The Post & Customer Services Centre is offering a pre-ordering service to customers who would like to purchase any of the above. Enquiries can be made with the Post & Customer Services Centre, Jamestown, St Helena Island, on tel: +290 22008 or via e-mail:

Christmas 2020 – The Nativity of Jesus

This stamp issue features a collection of artwork depicting The Angel Gabriel, Baby Jesus, Shepherd’s in the Field, Three Wise Men and The Star over Bethlehem; designed and produced by a local Artist Miss Anna Henry who owns her business “The Art Box”.  The issue consists of the following:

  • Four valued stamps (50p, 60p 80p & £1.30)
  • First Day Cover (£4.50)
Four Valued Stamps
First Day Cover Image with Cachet

Seven Wonders Of St Helena

The stamp issue depicts the seven places or entities that St Helena is renowned for, such as Jacob’s Ladder and the Whale Sharks, and consists of the following:

  • Seven valued stamps (15p, 25p, 30p, 50p, 60p, 80p and £1.00)
  • First Day Cover (£5.00)

Christmas 2019 – Jonathan, the World’s Oldest Animal On Land

This stamp issue depicts Jonathan and other tortoises in the grounds of Plantation House, the Governor’s residence, which is also their habitat and consists of the following:

  • Four valued stamps (50p, 60p, 80p and £1.30)
  • First Day Cover (£4.50)

Christmas 2018 – Festival of Lights Parade

The ‘Festival of Lights Parade’ organised by Pilling Primary School, has become an annual festive event on St Helena. Participants have a chance to be creative by decorating their vehicles with multi-coloured lights and join the parade through Jamestown.  This issue captures the excitement and splendour of the parade, and consists of the following:

  • 15p Stamp – Floats in the Parade
  • 50p Stamp – The Parade at the Seafront
  • 60p Stamp – The Parade in Market Square
  • £1.00 Stamp – The Parade through Market Street
  • £3.00 First Day Cover with Stamps – Consisting of the four stamp denominations

The Airport Project Part 3

The third and final part in a series of issues that follows the construction of the Airport through to completion.  This issue depicts the completed runway and buildings, as well as the Calibration flight and the landing of the Inaugural Airlink flight, which landed in October 2017.  The issue consists of the following:

  • 25p Stamp – Calibration Flight, 15th September 2015
  • 40p Stamp – First Calibration Flight on Runway
  • 50p Stamp – Control Tower
  • 60p Stamp – Wildcat, First Helicopter Landing
  • £2.00 Souvenir Sheet – Depicting the landing of the Inaugural Airlink Flight in October 2017.
  • £5.00 First Day Cover with Stamps – Consisting of the four stamp denominations
  • £5.00 First Day Cover with Souvenir Sheet – Consisting of the Souvenir Sheet

Royal Wedding:  HRH Prince Henry of Wales and Ms Meghan Markle

This stamp issue depicts beautiful images of the happy couple in the lead up to their big day.  The issue consists of the following:

  • Four valued stamps (15p, 25p, 60p, £1.00) showing the couple at various Royal engagements
  • A Souvenir Sheet costing £1.50
  • First Day Cover with valued stamps costing £3.50
  • First Day Cover with Souvenir Sheet costing £3.50

Final Voyage of the RMS St Helena

The RMS St Helena served St Helena for over 25 years as a lifeline and valuable link to the ‘outside world’.  Rice, Teabags, Washing Machines, Cars, People – she carried it all.  Over the years, she has garnered a special place in the hearts of ‘Saints’ due to her unwavering reputation for loyal service to St Helena and its community.  She was decommissioned from service in February 2018, due to the opening of the Airport on St Helena.

This stamp issue commemorates her time of service, from launch to final departure from St Helena, and consists of the following:

  • 25p Stamp – The Launch in Aberdeen 1989
  • 40p Stamp – Farewell Celebrations in Cape Town
  • 50p Stamp – Final Departure from St Helena
  • £1.00 Stamp – The Late Captain Rodney Young, The First St Helenian Captain
  • £2.00 Souvenir Sheet – Depicting the RMS leaving Jamestown.
  • £3.50 First Day Cover with Stamps – Consisting of the four stamp denominations
  • £3.50 First Day Cover with Souvenir Sheet – Consisting of the Souvenir Sheet of the RMS leaving St Helena

Flowers at Christmas

This issue depicts four flowers that bloom at around Christmas time on St Helena. 

For most St Helenians these flowers have an association with Christmas on the Island.  They are picked to beautify homes during the festive season, and to decorate loved-ones’ graves.

The issue consists of the following:

  • 15p Stamp – Poinsettia
  • 25p Stamp – Amaryllis
  • 60p Stamp – Agapanthus
  • £1.00 Stamp – St John’s Lily
  • First Day Cover – £3.00

Post Box Walks

This issue consists of four stamps depicting walks on St Helena that are marked with a Post Box.  The Post Box is usually situated at the  end of the walk, where the walker can then collect a unique stamp as evidence of their efforts.

The walks range from easy to hard, are usually off the beaten track, and encapsulate the most beautiful and rugged parts of St Helena.

The denominations are as follows:

  • 40p Stamp – Shark’s Valley
  • 50p Stamp – Lot
  • 60p Stamp – Diana’s Peak
  • £1.00 Stamp – Longwood Barn
  • £1.50 – Souvenir Sheet depicting Lot’s Wife’s Ponds
  • £3.00 – First Day Cover with Stamps
  • £3.00 – First Day Cover with Souvenir Sheet

Definitive Issue


The Definitive Issue is an issue that is kept on the philatelic and postal counters for a period of five years.  The issue comprises the fundamental rates of the postal tariff, and is used to support Commemorative Issues’ denominations.

The theme is usually a dominant aspect of Island life, e.g:  birds, fish, endemic flora.

This issue consists of the following denominations:

  • 5p Stamp – Fairy Tern
  • 10p Stamp – Zebra Dove
  • 15p Stamp – Chukar Partridge
  • 20p Stamp – Brown Booby
  • 30p Stamp – Java Sparrow
  • 40p Stamp – Wilson’s Storm Petrel
  • 50p Stamp – Red-Billed Tropic Bird
  • 60p Stamp – Masked Booby
  • 80p Stamp – Sooty Tern
  • £1.00 Stamp – Yellow Canary
  • £2.00 Stamp – Red Fody
  • £5.00 Stamp – Wirebird
  • £11.10 – Sheetlet consisting of all denominations
  • £5.00 – First Day Covers


Coin Packs which can only be cashed on St Helena and Ascension Island’s at £10.00 each.

Outside Front Cover

Outside Back Cover

Inside Cover

Inside Cover

Inside Cover