Corporate Support, Policy and Planning

Corporate Support, Policy and Planning

Corporate Support provides administrative and accounting support services to the Corporate Services Directorate in ensuring the smooth running of the Directorate and the excellent delivery of services. The Support section consists of Councils Support, Information Services, Press Office, Information Technology and admin and accounts support functions. The Support function provided includes support to Judicial Services, Attorney General’s Chambers, Internal Audit Service and the Governor’s office and residence.  

Corporate Support delivers the following services:

  • Coordinating the business of government, including supporting the Legislative and Executive Councils, organising ceremonial events of national importance and managing corporate information
  • Supporting Directorates with public relations and external communications, including planning, coordination and delivery of key messages as necessary
  • Providing Information Technology strategies and systems for the efficient running of SHG, and supporting their operation
  • Research and information services within and outside of SHG, including the Government Archives service and management of the Code of Practice for Public Access to SHG Information and the SHG official complaints procedure
  • Management of the ‘Report It Sort It’ service
  • Administrative and accounting support services for other areas of Corporate Services
  • Management of contracts for SHG divested services

Policy and Planning

The Policy and Planning section provides overarching coordination of the business of Government enabling SHG to work in a more cohesive, efficient manner.

This is broken down into six main areas:

  • Corporate Direction and Strategy: Management of the government’s annual policy review and strategic planning process, including conducting annual reviews, providing support during the strategic planning process, ensuring there is a link between the planning process and the budget process
  • Policy: Coordination, advice and guidance, good practice; including support during the various stages of policy development.
  • Economics: including the implementation of the Sustainable Economic Development Plan, development of fiscal policy, business planning and economic appraisal.  
  • Statistics: including the implementation of the National Statistics Development Strategy, through developing statistical systems and processes, providing coherent and integrated social, demographic, economic, and environmental statistics and increasing statistical capacity
  • Performance Management: including the development, implementation and management of a corporate performance system which monitors performance across government as well as analysing performance report information and providing regular summarised information and reporting
  • Risk Management: including developing, implementing and regularly monitoring the corporate risk management strategy, holding an up-to-date risk register and producing an annual Risk Report

Internal Audit

The Internal Audit section provides independent and objective assurance to St Helena Government that its governance, risk management and internal control frameworks are operating effectively. This includes unlike external audit, looking beyond financial risks and considering wider risk implications such as St Helena Government’s reputation, employment relationships, continuity and quality of services and legislative compliance.