Adults Services

The Adults Support Team is based at the Ladder Hill Business Park; they can be contacted on Tel: 22920

The Adults Support Team is comprised of:

  • Team Manager
  • Social Worker
  • Social Care Officers

Together the team are responsible for assisting vulnerable adults to live their best life. An adult may be considered vulnerable due to mental or physical disability, frailty or illness. The team’s Threshold Document for involvement of services can be viewed for reference.

The Adult Support Team works closely with other agencies and provides a wide range of services including advocacy, assessment for Carer’s Allowance and Home Support, Welfare Assistance, Better Living Allowance, respite and assessments for residential services.


Should you feel yourself or an adult close to you is in need of additional support you can make a referral to the team for assessment.

Once the referral form has been completed you should e-mail it to

Should you have difficulties completing the form you can call the team on Tel: 23172 and they will assist you with this.