Health Directorate

Under the guidance of its Director, supported by a staff compliment of around 250, made up of both local and specialist personnel, the Health Directorate has overall responsibility for the Island’s health care services.

Where the Island is unable to accommodate or provide medical care/services of a serious nature, the Directorate is responsible for referral of such cases overseas. This is done through its links with the South African and United Kingdom medical services.


To achieve longer and healthier life at all ages for the people of the Island now and in the future.


To effectively and efficiently deliver within available resources, measurable improvements in the health outcomes of the population and to promote all efforts to achieve a healthy environment for all.

Our Values

We are committed to ensuring our health services are driven by values that promote:

  • Safety first
  • Effective service delivery
  • A caring and responsive workforce
  • Good governance and leadership

Our Strategic Priorities

Priority 1 – Maintain equitable and proportionate local access to a range of health services in partnership with the community for all and the most vulnerable

Priority 2 – Expand preventative healthcare services and promote healthy lifestyles for everyone

Priority 3 – Protect the population from clinical, environmental and other health threats and emergencies

Priority 4 -Tackle the high prevalence and incidence of chronic long term conditions among the population (diabetes, hypertension and kidney disease in particular)

Priority 5 – Provide access to specialist and tertiary care in a sustainable and affordable manner   

Priority 6 – Ensuring that our existing and emerging health workforce needs are adequately met

Priority 7 – Improve community engagement and patient experience of the local health service

Health Public Services