The Royal St Helena Police Service

St Helena Island is a great place to live or visit.  Like any society, there is crime, however we are proud to say that serious crime is a rarity, we have a community policing style and police by consent.

Our Constabulary is a diverse force, made up of UK Tactical Coordinated Officers and Local Officers including South African nationals.

Any crime committed on St Helena impacts our community. We try to  prevent crimes before they occur and work hard to detect the crime and support victims.  We also manage and support offenders after the  judicial process.

Our Mission

Working with integrity and in line with our values, the The Royal St Helena Police Service provides a community focused approach to the safety and security of St Helena, and those who live on, work on, and visit the Island.

Our Vision

Public Service is at the core of all we do. Protecting and serving our community and delivering a safe and secure environment for all.

Strategic Priorities

The Royal St Helena Police Service is working towards these priorities collectively, we have a Criminal Investigation Department who oversees all criminal incidents, and is supported by the uniform and community teams who manages volume crime.

Our Values

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