Environment, Natural Resources & Planning

The Environment, Natural Resources & Planning Portfolio (ENRP) brings together functions including agriculture, management of natural resources, environmental management and protection and land planning and building control. 

The Portfolio comprises three Divisions which includes Agriculture and Natural Resources, Environmental Management and Planning and Building Control. Within the three Divisions there are and ten Sections which provide a range of functions, work programmes and services to the community.

Delivery of the Portfolio’s responsibilities is funded through the Government’s recurrent budget and through donor funding, largely to support environmental projects. 

A workforce of 87 staff is employed within the ten Sections and their functions, work programmes and services are delivered from three locations as follows:

  • The Agriculture and Resources Division and most of the Environmental Management Division operates from Scotland in St Pauls.
  • The Marine Enforcement Section from the Wharf in Jamestown.
  • The Land Planning and Building Control Division and Marine and Fisheries Conservation Section from Essex House in Jamestown.

SHG Service Delivery Survey Feedback – ENRP – 12 November 2021