Sheltered Accommodation

The Directorate has two Sheltered Accommodation provisions; Cape Villa near Plantation Stables and Deason’s Centre in Longwood. Both are managed by the Sheltered Accommodation Manager, Gillian Brooks, whose office is based at Brick House in Jamestown on Tel: 22713.

Sheltered Accommodation is provided for older people or people with vulnerabilities who may be struggling to remain living independently in their own homes.

Within Sheltered Accommodation tenants have their own flat, comprising of a lounge, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom: Tenants have independence but the security of knowing help is available on site. There is also a communal lounge on site for all tenants to use and enjoy and a programme of activities is available.

Support staff working within Sheltered Accommodation provide assistance to the tenants so that they can maintain their independence for as long as possible: Assistance can be things such as cleaning, food preparation and help with personal care. People are only offered a tenancy within Sheltered Accommodation following assessment by the Adults Support Team and consideration by the Admission’s Panel.

Should you want to learn more about Sheltered Accommodation please contact the Sheltered Accommodation Manager at Brick House on Tel: 22713.