Safety, Security and Home Affairs

The St Helena Police Directorate provides a wide range of public services to our communities on St Helena and Ascension Island.

The work we do is underpinned by a code of ethics and a strong set of values, namely PRIDE (Professionalism, Respect, Integrity, Dedication and Empathy).  These fundamental principles give us a strong foundation to move the Directorate forward.

The next three years will be a transitional time for the Directorate as we focus on building on the skills and abilities of our teams and seek to reduce the number of posts at present necessarily filled by recruitment from overseas.  Critical to this goal is air access which will enable trainers to travel to the Island and local staff to travel to learn from best practice overseas.

Improved training will be key to developing  staff to provide an increasingly complex range of professional services to the public. Enhanced use of technology will also be a significant feature for the Directorate. The Overseas Territory Regional Crime Intelligence System (OTRCIS) will enhance the way police officers manage crime and intelligence and enhance the way the Immigration Service manage the movements of people through our border.

The Police Directorate needs to prepare for the improved internet connectivity. This will bring benefits, whilst also introducing the threat of increased internet crime. The improvements to the Police Directorate are enabling the teams to meet these new challenges and to deliver an even higher service standard to our community.