Safety, Security and Home Affairs

The newly formed Safety, Security and Home Affairs Portfolio headed by Portfolio Director Alex Mitham, provides a wide range of services to the communities of St Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha.

It comprises of eight main sections as follows:

  • Police
  • Immigration
  • HM Customs
  • Fire and Rescue
  • Sea Rescue/ Emergency Planning
  • HM Prison
  • Port Control
  • Maritime

The Portfolio also provides a 24 hour Control Centre at the Police Head Quarters, a range of licensing and inspection services, the Highways Authority, Cyber Security and the Resilience Forum.

The Portfolio is at the front line of keeping citizens safe and the Island secure and plays a fundamental role in the security and economic prosperity of St Helena. Close working relationship across SHG, local businesses and community is vital.

The Portfolio is fully committed to contributing to the St Helena Government’s vision of making Saint Helena a great place in which to live, and work, improving the lives of all within our community. St Helena will prosper significantly from being open, engaged and connected to the rest of the world. Engagement with the world creates tremendous opportunities for individuals and the Island’s collective prosperity.

  • Police – The Royal St Helena Police Service, which has been in existence for over 180 years, is responsible for maintaining law, order and public safety on St. Helena and Ascension Island.  We work very closely with the communities to identify and target issues that affect people living and working on the two islands in order to make us all safer.  The Emergency Control Centre, which is located at Police Headquarters, provides a 24/7 means of contacting the emergency services, monitors maritime radio frequencies and provides support to staff when incidents occur.
  • Immigration – Led by Senior Immigration Officer Emerald Newman-Yon under the guidance of Head of Customs & Immigration , currently manages the following immigration business areas: Border operations at both the sea and air ports, in country casework, Nationality applications, Entry clearance / visa applications and British and St Helenian Passport applications and enquiries.
  • HM Customs –   Led by Deputy Head of Customs Juliette O’Dean under the guidance of Head of Customs & Immigration. The focus of customs is on fiscal subject whilst monitoring and facilitating trade at three ports of entry Jamestown, Rupert’s and St Helena Airport. HM Custom’s is responsible for controlling the flow of imports and exports, monitoring prohibited, restricted and illegal imports and also for applying tariffs on imported goods.
  • Fire and Rescue – is a statutory function lead by Brigade Manager Alan Thomas and is regulated by the Fire Service Ordinance Cap. 134. operating to Home Office Standards in providing an emergency response with a broad range of responsibilities including: all instances and reports of fire including buildings, vehicles, open land, supports Airport firefighting, Dangerous environs rescue (cliff rescue), extrication from entrapments and general maintenance to fire related equipment.
  • Sea Rescue – lead by Manager Simon Wade has an obligation to be able to respond to persons/ vessels in distress and also has a responsibility in the Major Incident response system

Emergency Planning – Led by Deputy Emergency Planning Manager Anel O’Bey under the guidance of Emergency Planning & Sea Rescue Manager Simon Wade, is responsible for facilitating emergency preparedness in the territory of St Helena and uses the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 as a guide to best practice

  • HM Prison – is managed by Superintendent of Prisons Jay Kendall with the purpose being to serve the public by keeping in custody those committed by the courts and to look after them with humanity and help them lead law abiding and useful lives in custody and after release. Our current priorities are centered on safety, security, decency, rehabilitation and reducing reoffending.
  • Port Control – is headed by the Harbour Master Steve Kirk. The main role and responsibility is to ensure that the Port at Jamestown and Rupert’s, operates safely and securely, complying with maritime law, and to enforce the requirements of the Ports Ordinance 2016.
  • Maritime – is led by the Head of Maritime, Mia Henry, and is responsible for developing and implementing compliance requirements for safety and environmental protection, and adhering to international maritime law.