Opening Times

Opening times: 8.30am – 4.00pm

Yvonne Williams

  • yvonne.williams@sainthelena.gov.sh
  • Courts Manager
  • Court Clerk to Magistrates, Supreme and Court of Appeal, Registrar of Companies, Clerk to the Utilities Regulatory Authority, Labour Regulatory Authority, Media Standards Commission, Trustee of the Legal Assistance Fund and probate matters.

Belinda Piek

Amelia Gough

Duncan Cooke

  • Chief Magistrate, Acting Supreme Court Justice, Chief Coroner, Chairman of: Utilities Regulation Authority, Medial Standards Commission, Legal Assistance Fund, Immigration Appeals, Land Planning Authority Appeal Tribunal, Labour Regulator and Land Registrar.

Charles Ekins

  • Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

For information regarding Forms and Fees please contact Judicial Services and speak to one of the team on 22340.

For information regarding Company Registration please visit our website at www.cr.gov.sh.