Visiting hours at the General Hospital are 11am to 8pm.  However, clinical patient care will always take priority over visiting so we may ask visitors to leave during these times when necessary.

General Enquiries: (00290) 22500

Emergency Department

The General Hospital is open 24/7 for emergencies. It is not an additional triage clinic. Anyone attending the hospital will have an initial (quick) assessment by a nurse within 15 minutes of arrival. Emergencies will be dealt with immediately. Stable patients may be asked to wait whilst inpatient care is prioritised. A full assessment will be undertaken using the Manchester Triage System. Patients with minor ailments will be offered advice and asked to return within clinic hours for further management (pharmacy / routine appointment etc.). Emergency Department patients are not guaranteed to see a Doctor. This need is determined by the triage category.

If you need an Ambulance for an emergency please call 999 and do not use the normal switchboard number.

The 999 emergency phone has a distinct ring and staff can tell immediately that it is an emergency call and react accordingly.

Inpatient Services

The General Hospital has a male and a female inpatient ward and three side rooms available. We also have a maternity ward. We offer care for medical and surgical inpatients. We have the facilities to provide specialist care for two Intensive Care Patients in our Intensive Care Unit. We have a chemotherapy unit within the hospital. We can care for babies, children and adults.

Surgical Services

We provide a range of surgical services at the General Hospital. This includes general surgery, orthopaedic surgery, gynaecological and obstetric surgery, endoscopic procedures and local anaesthetic cases.

Maternity Services

We provide a fully functional midwifery service. From booking to delivery to postnatal. Maternity and midwives services are accessible by contacting the midwives through the hospital switchboard.


We provide a range of radiological investigations within the General Hospital. We can do x-rays, CT scans and ultrasound scans. All investigations are allocated on an appointment system unless it is an emergency. Appointments are made through medical records, once a doctor has made the referral request.

Please note: Doctors decide on the priority of the examination and Doctors are the only ones who may discuss your results with you. Hospital inpatients and emergencies take priority over routine / outpatient examinations so you may be asked to wait to be seen.

General waiting periods: X-rays up to one week, CT scans up to two weeks and ultrasound up to three weeks, depending on the urgency.

CT scans

Some scans require a pre-assessment and blood tests before they can be carried out. This appointment will be booked by medical records. You will be asked to complete a questionnaire before your test can be done. Any important information/instructions will be given. Failure to follow these instructions may mean your test cannot be completed and may be rescheduled.


When booking your appointment any important information or instructions will be given. Failure to follow these instructions may mean your test cannot be completed and may be rescheduled