Port Control


HM Customs and Port Control building
The Wharf Jamestown
South Atlantic Ocean

Opening Hours

8.30am to 4pm Monday to Friday. On call 24/7.

Contact Details

Process for bringing vessels to St Helena

Port Control to be notified of vessels ETA contact via VHF channel 14. A Harbour Master’s declaration form must be completed, on or before arrival.

Information on mooring

Information on Moorings

  • Owing to the need for repairs, the mooring field will be closed from 5 January 2024 until further notice. Several links in the chain are starting to wear and need replacing, without vessels being moored to the field.
  • Please contact Port Control (Tel: 22750, 61827) to be advised on anchoring locations (locations are 15 55 400 South 005 43 500 West and 15 55 600 South 005 43 600 West and 15 55 100 South and 005 43 130 West).
  • All yachts are requested to use an anchorage alarm and to ensure the anchor has a firm hold before disembarking the vessel.
  • Further notices will be made as to when the moorings can reopen.

On arrival

  • Before disembarking please contact Port Control.
  • The Harbourmaster’s normal working hours are 8.30am to 4pm Monday to Friday.
  • The Harbourmaster is on call only, Saturday to Sunday.
  • The Harbourmaster operates on VHF Channel 14 during normal working hours.
  • If you should arrive during the hours of darkness (Monday to Friday), you should pick up the appropriate coloured buoy. Port Control can then be contacted on VHF Channel 14 from 08.30am.
  • If your arrival is over the weekend, you should contact St Helena Radio on VHF Channel 16 between the hours of 8.30am and 4pm; who will then notify the Harbourmaster of your arrival.
  • Also note that NO crew member should come ashore unless authorised by the Harbourmaster’s Office.

How to come ashore? Ferry Service and operating times

For safety, it is recommended to come ashore using the local ferry service. Operating hours are from 4am until 8pm every day except Christmas day and Good Friday. Outside of these hours arrangements must be made with the ferry operator directly.