St Helena Resilience Forum

The St Helena Resilience Forum is based on the UK model as per the provisions of the Civil Contingencies Act 2004.

The Resilience Forum replaced the previous structure and governance arrangements of the Disaster Management Committee.

The role of the Resilience Forum is to oversee Emergency Planning arrangements for the Island and task work based on an ongoing process of threat and risk assessment.

The Forum provides an opportunity for Cat 1 and 2 responders, as identified within the Major Incident Response Plan, to contribute to the development of local resilience arrangements and contingency planning ensuring a solid foundation for the future.

Executive Council has strategic oversight for ensuring contingency planning arrangements are in
place for St Helena. If necessary then Executive Council makes the strategic decisions to enable
the Resilience Forum to successfully achieve their aims and objectives.
The Director for Safety Security and Home Affairs oversees the SHRF ensuring contingency
planning arrangements are maintained and adapted as required in the face of changes to threat and risk. The Chief of Police will provide resilience, deputising and chairing the SHRF as required.

The Resilience Forum is coordinated by the Emergency Planning Manager, on behalf of the Chief of Police. The Emergency Planning Manager oversees the work plan and the progress of tasks actioned from the Board.