Sea Rescue Service

The Sea Rescue Service is part of the Safety, Security and Home Affairs and consists of the Sea Rescue Manager, Sea Rescue Deputy Manager, four full-time Rescue Crew Members and eight Auxiliary Rescue Crew Members.

Sea Rescue Facility in Rupert’s Bay

The New Sea Rescue Facility was built in Rupert’s Bay. The facility houses three Rescue Boats, a launching tractor and has the space to conduct all necessary maintenance to ensure the vessels are fully serviceable. The facility was occupied in December 2017 and was officially opened by her Excellency Governor Lisa Honan on 4 April 2018.

There are two Inshore Lifeboats – Gemini Waverider 850

  • Sea Rescue 1 (Ocean Rider)
  • Sea Rescue 2 (Sea Lion)

And one Offshore Life boat – Redbay Stormforce 11

  • Sea Rescue 3 (Lima)

 The Sea Rescue Service is responsible for:

  • The provision of a Sea Rescue capability 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Provision of a Sea Rescue Service to St Helena’s Airport during flight operations
  • Life-saving at sea through search and rescue
  • Providing fully trained personnel to assist in other emergencies on land

Contact Numbers

  • Emergency: 999
  • Office: 25215
  • Radio (VHF Channel 16) Call Sign: Sea Rescue Base