The Geographical Information System (GIS) Section

The Section consists of five team members:

  • GIS Manager (Devlin Yon)
  • Senior GIS Surveyor (Ryan Benjamin)
  • GIS Topographical Surveyor (Vacant)
  • GIS Surveyor (Jamie Philips)
  • GIS Surveyor (Kevin George)


The GIS Section acts as the central data repository for St. Helena’s spatial data and allows this data to be accessed by end- users under varying permissions.   By transforming historic data into modern, engaging maps, users can visualize clear concise information which can be used to inform policies and decision making.  Providing this data sharing platform will aid transparency throughout SHG and build a closer relationship between SHG, stakeholders and the public.

The Section is responsible for collecting, maintaining and updating data collected from various departments in SHG, stakeholders and independent contractors. The data collected can be used as a tool to aid informed decision making by SHG and the public.

The Section also delivers   a surveying service which draws primarily on the land registry and topographical surveys and allows the land registry data to be updated and maintained.  It is also responsible for maintaining SHG’s geodetic control network for the island.

The Section aims to promote the use of GIS by providing support and training to SHG Portfolios and the private sector.  To achieve this GIS will deploy new techniques and ways of working in order to optimize outputs and streamline workflows.

The GIS section primary objectives are:

  • To build GIS skills and understanding within SHG departments through periodic outreach and training programs, with a focus on understanding how GIS can be best utilized for their needs.
  • Ensure data acquisition and quality control best practices.
  • Grow SHG’s awareness of GIS, allowing for greater efficiencies in processes and informed decision making.
  • Build relationships with SHG departments across all portfolios as well as peripheral stake holders.
  • Organize and maintain a data repository for SHG spatial data including online portals.
  • Maintain a fully digital cadastral fabric of the Island whilst updating the cadastral system through conducting Land Registry surveys.
  •  Preserve and update the Island’s geodetic control network.
  • Utilize advancements in technology to streamline work flows.