Income Tax


The Customs Building, Jamestown Wharf

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Mondays – Fridays 8.30am – 4pm except for public holidays

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For matters relating to Self-Employment & Companies:

For matters relating to PAYE & Employers:

Tax Guidance Notes/ Leaflets

Key dates for employees, employers, businesses

Key dates for Self-Employed & Companies:

  • 30 JUNE – Submission date for Tax Returns & end of year accounts (three months after the end of the Tax Year)
  • 30 SEPTEMBER – Date for payment of income Tax (three months after the submission of the Tax Return)

Key dates for Employers:

  • 30 APRIL – Submission of P7 Form Employer annual return)
  • Within 15 days of the end of every month – P6 Form (Employer monthly return)

Key dates for Employees:

  • 31 JULY – Submission of Tax Return

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