The files on this page contain the latest official statistics on St Helena in formats that we hope can be easily used and reused. Data files are organised into ‘Time Series’, which contain longitudinal indicators updated at specified time periods, such as monthly, quarterly, or annually; and “Surveys and Other”, with datasets from a specific survey, enquiry or analysis.

Latest Statistics News

Time Series

FileDescriptionFrequencyLast data pointLast updatedNext update due
InflationPrice InflationQuarterlyQuarter 3 2019September 2019January 2020
Human Development IndexEstimates of the HDI and the health, education and income components for St Helena, and global estimates and rankings for other countriesAnnual2017May 2019May 2020
AidAid spending on behalf of St HelenaAnnual2017January 2019January 2020
External TradeImports and Exports of goods and services by value, and exports of fish by species and quantityYearly and QuarterlyQuarter 1 2019July 2019October 2019
ProductionLivestock population, meat production, fish catches and sales, forestry and firewoodQuarterlyQuarter 2 2019August 2019October 2019
ClimateHumidity, rainfall, sunshine, wind, at selected locationsMonthlyAugust 2019September 2019October 2019
GDPEstimates of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and Gross National Income (GDP), corresponding growth rates, Gross Value Added by sector, and GDP and GNI per capitaAnnual (financial year)2017/18April 2019April 2020
BenefitsNumber of people and households receiving social benefits, including the Basic Island Pension, Income Related Benefits, and Unemployment BenefitsMonthlyAugust 2019September 2019October 2019
ConstructionData on building permits issued and construction activityQuarterlyQuarter 2 2019July 2019October 2019
IncomesEstimates of average gross incomes from full time employmentAnnual2017/18December 2018November 2019
UtilitiesIndicators on water and electricity supply and consumptionQuarterlyQuarter 2 2019July 2019October 2019
PopulationPopulation estimates, the number of births and deaths, life expectancy, and estimates of arrivals and departuresMonthlySeptember 2019October 2019November 2019
Ascension PopulationPopulation of Ascension IslandQuarterlyQuarter 2 2019August 2019October 2019
Exchange RatesAverage exchange rates of the St Helena pound to the South African Rand, Euro, and US DollarMonthlyAugust 2019September 2019October 2019
VehiclesNumber and type of vehicles registered and licenced on St HelenaQuarterlyQuarter 2 2019July 2019October 2019

Surveys and Other Datasets

FileDescriptionLast data pointLast updatedNext update due
2018 Business SurveyData used in the report on the 2018 Business SurveyFrom 2017/18March 2019No updates are planned
2017 HESData used in the report on the 2017 HESFrom October/November 2017May 2018No updates are planned
Census 2016All tabulations from the 2016 Population CensusFrom February, 2016April 2019No fixed update schedule
Population ProjectionsPopulation projections from 2016 to 2022, including age/sex breakdowns by yearAnnual, for 2016 to 2026November 2017No updates are expected