Scrutiny Committees

St Helena is governed within a democratic system where the people of St Helena elect members of the public to represent them in Legislative Council (LegCo).

Following a General Election in October 2022, the system of governance changed from a Council Committee system to a Ministerial system, to allow for the election of a Chief Minister by secret ballot from amongst the 12 Elected Members. 

The Chief Minister then recommends to the Governor the appointment of 4 Minsters and together they form the Executive Council.

Part of the remit of the seven Elected Members of Legislative Council who are not Ministers will be to examine and scrutinise the performance of sectors of government through Select Committees.  This will include scrutinising the decision making of Ministers and contribute to ensuring the effective use of public funds. 

Select Committees

Select Committee 1

Is responsible for the following sectors of Government
Health and Social Care,
Environment, Natural Resources and Planning, and
Education, Skills and Employment;

Chairman, Hon Robert Midwinter
Secretary, Anita Legg

Select Committee 2

Is responsible for the following sectors of Government

Treasury, Infrastructure and Sustainable Development, and
Safety, Security and Home Affairs.

Chairperson, Hon Dr Corinda Essex
Secretary, Shanice Phillips

Order Papers

Select Committee 2 Formal Session

Select Committee Order
Select Committee Order Amendment