The Darwin Initiative

The Environment, Natural Resources, and Planning Directorate has been fortunate enough to benefit from funding from the Darwin Initiative, which funds biodiversity projects in countries with poor financial resources. Further information about the Darwin Initiative can be found here: and details of all projects on St Helena can be found on the ‘Projects’ page.

St Helena Government has led or been involved in the projects that are listed below, with links to further information where available.

19031Mapping St Helena’s marine biodiversity to create a Marine Management Plan
DPLUS018Taxonomic and conservation status of Oceanodroma storm petrels in the South Atlantic
DPLUS020St Helena baseline assessment; a foundation for effective environmental management
DPLUS024Darwin Fellowship MRes Carbon sequestration in community forests, St Helena
DPLUS029Securing St Helena’s rare Cloud Forest trees and associated invertebrates
DPLUS037Conserving the genetic diversity of St Helena’s threatened endemic flora
DPLUS039Sustainable development and management of St Helena fisheries and marine tourism
DPLUS051Water Security and Sustainable Cloud Forest Restoration on St Helena
DPLUS052Mapping St Helena’s Biodiversity and Natural Environment
DPLUS059Establishment of the national framework for invasive plant management in St Helena
DPLUS070Oceanographic influences on the St Helena pelagic ecosystem
DPLUS077Sustainable fishery management for St Helena’s lobster population