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Useful Information

  • The main organisations on island; like the St Helena Government and Solomon & Company (St Helena) PLC, will require an up to date vetting certificate as a part of their employment clearance process. If are planning to apply for jobs on the island it would be wise to make contact with potential employers and discuss vetting/DSB clearance requirements prior to your arrival. You might encounter difficulties applying for a DBS clearance from your current country of residence once you are on island.   
  • You can apply for a St Helena vetting certificate by completing an application form and sending it on to Alternatively, a copy can be collected and paid for at the Post Office and submitted to the Police Headquarters. Your certificate may take up to ten working days to be processed.
  • The Shortage Occupation List identifies occupations that are difficult to recruit on-Island, the list is accompanied by guidance that will support employers in meeting their staffing needs while also providing appropriate protections for local workers.