Memorandums for Executive Council

Below is a list of recent Memorandums for Executive Council. If you wish to view an older Memorandum then please contact the Clerk of Councils, Lydia Buchanan, via email:

17 April 2018

Increase in Fees and Charges: Trade Marks, Patents and Companies Registration – 7/18

Liquor (Amendment) Bill- 18/18 

Marriage Regulations 2018 – 20/18

27 March 2018

Withdrawal Warrant 2017/2018 – 16/18

20 March 2018

Employment Rights (Minimum Wage) Amendment Regulations, 2018 – 12/18

Pensions (Amendment) Regulations, 2018 – 13/18 

Establishment of the Airport Trading Account Special Fund – 14/2018

Three Applications For Outline Development Permission To Develop Sewage Treatment Facilities For Half Tree Hollow (Hth) And Jamestown (Jt) – 15/18

Due to the size and number of accompanying documents to this ExCo Memo they have not been placed online. However copies can be viewed at the Office of the Clerk of Councils at the Castle.

6 March 2018

Open Session Minutes – 6 March 2018

Increase in Fees and Charges: Liquor and Gaming Machines Licences – 08/18