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St Helena Legislative Council

Legislative Council

Legislative Council members are the Law Makers of St Helena and meet formally in ‘the House’ to discuss important issues affecting the people of St Helena and decide ways on how they can be addressed.

Councillors may be contacted directly (see email addresses in downloads) or through the Legislative Office Team Leader/Clerk of Councils on email: or telephone (00290) 22590.

St Helena is governed within a democratic system where the people of St Helena elect members of the public to represent them in Legislative Council (LegCo). There are 12 Councillors in LegCo representing the whole Island, who among themselves then elect five members to sit on Executive Council (ExCo) which advises the Governor in most areas of government policy

Following a General Election held in October, the system of governance changed from a Council Committee system to a Ministerial system.  This change came about as a result of a Consultative Poll held in March 2021. Part IV of the Constitution was amended to allow for the election of a Chief Minister by secret ballot from amongst the12 Elected Members.  The Chief Minister then recommends to the Governor the appointment of 4 Minsters and together they form the Executive Council. The Attorney General is an ex-officio Member of the Executive Council.

To stand as a candidate for LegCo you must be over the age of 21 years and meet certain criteria (which can be viewed in the 2009 Constitution of St Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha).

To vote in the Elections you must be aged 17 and over, registered on the Electoral Roll and also meet certain criteria (also found in the Constitution).Standing Orders for Legislative Council Meetings


Each Minister will exercise general direction and policy control over departments assigned to them subject to the policies of Government.

  • Education, Skills & Employment – Chief Minister Julie Thomas
  • Safety, Security & Home Affairs Portfolio – Councillor Jeffrey Ellick
  • Treasury, Infrastructure & Sustainable Development Portfolio – Councillor Mark Brooks
  • Environment, Natural Resources & Planning Portfolio – Councillor Christine Scipio
  • Health and Social Care Portfolio – Councillor Martin Henry

Contact Details for Councillors in Each District