Satellite Ground Station Policy Published

Executive Council yesterday endorsed a Satellite Ground Station Policy for the licencing of Permanent Earth Stations (PES) and Receive Only Earth stations (ROES) on St Helena. This Policy is now available on the St Helena Government website at:

The Policy supports the development of the Satellite Ground Station sector, which is an export sector with growth potential identified in St Helena’s Sustainable Economic Development Plan 2018-2028.

The Policy has been developed for three key reasons:

  • To recognise the International Laws by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), the Council of the European Union and the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection particularly on frequency co-ordination within space, technology use and radiation
  • To allocate permissions to use certain frequencies for both receiving and transmitting of information with the aim of ensuring that users do not interfere with other users transmitting and receiving
  • To charge a licence fee which contributes to SHG’s costs and revenue receipts.

SHG’s Chief Economist, Nicole Shamier, said:

“This is an important step in enabling Satellite Ground Stations to locate to St Helena. I thank AB5 Consulting for developing the Policy, and my colleagues IT Section Manager, Jeremy Roberts, and Registrar, Karen Yon, for working together to ensure that the Policy fits the needs of the Island. Now that we have the policy framework for licencing, we can move forward with the next stage of the work plan which is to determine, using the planning process, the sites where Satellite Ground Stations can be co-located on the Island.”

The Licencing Requirements outlined within the Policy do not apply to small satellite receivers for domestic use, VSATs, nor antennas on moving platforms of any type, for example those used by ships, aeroplanes, vehicles and satellite phones.

The Licencing Requirements outlined within the Policy are planned to apply to commercial and non-commercial ground station activities and amateur VHF radio users, amongst other earth to space and space to earth communication applications which are outlined within the Policy.

For more information on Satellite Ground Stations on St Helena please visit:

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29 April 2020

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