Communications is a key part of dealing with the COVID-19 situation around the world, and that is no different here on St Helena, despite being free of COVID-19. Below is a list of all the communication released by SHG surrounding COVID-19 including Key Communication Campaigns, recordings of Radio Updates, Top Lines from meetings of the Incident Executive Group (IEG) and various Press Conferences, articles from the Chief Medical Officer, and a list of every Press Release issued since Coronavirus preparations began on-Island.

Key Communication Campaigns

St Helena Home Quarantine Communication Campaign

All Communications

Incident Executive Group Radio Updates

Radio Update (Saint FM) – 8 January 2021
Radio Update (Saint FM) – 22 December 2020
Radio Update (Saint FM) – 14 December 2020
Radio Update (Saint FM) – 10 December 2020
Radio Update (Saint FM) – 3 December 2020
Radio Update (Saint FM) – 26 November 2020
Radio Update (Saint FM) – 19 November 2020

Top Lines from Incident Executive Group Press Conferences and Radio Updates

Articles from Health Directorate

Article 1 – What do we know about the COVID-19 Virus?

Article 2 – What we need to know about the COVID-19 Virus? – Learning from other British Overseas Territories

Article 3 – What is COVID-19, how is it spread and will we get COVID-19 on St Helena?

Article 4 – What is Home Quarantine

Article 5 – Home Quarantine and COVID-19 – Questions and Myths

Article 6 -The Oxford AstraZeneca Vaccine- Dr Kamar Tanyan

Vaccination Programme Documents

COVID-19 Vaccination FAQ’s

Press Releases

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