COVID-19 Preventative Measures – Guidance

St Helena Government (SHG) has advised that COVID-19 will eventually reach St Helena.  Once quarantine requirements are lifted in August 2022, previous requirements such as testing on arrival will no longer be mandatory. It is an individual’s responsibility to practice precautionary measures in order to help protect themselves and others within the community against COVID-19.

The following precautionary measures are advised but are not mandatory (except for within certain designated COVID free zones): 

COVID Free Zones – From August there will be designated areas in which people must follow strict rules. Parts of the General Hospital, and other care settings such as the Community Care Complex (CCC) will be designated as COVID Free Zones; these are places that will be kept free of COVID-19.

The General Hospital – In order to enter designated ‘COVID Free’ areas of the General Hospital for work or visiting purposes, all persons will be required to carry out a COVID-19 test prior to their visit, and to wear a face mask during the visit. Numbers of visitors will be limited and children will not be allowed to visit in the first instance. It is anticipated these rules will be able to be relaxed in due course. 

Care Homes – Visitors to all care homes (e.g. the CCC) will be limited. Testing and the wearing of face masks will also be required. It is anticipated that these rules will be able to be relaxed in due course. 

Precautionary measures:

Wearing a face covering in crowded or enclosed spaces – Face masks do not eliminate the risk of contracting COVID-19. However if a person is positive it can prevent/reduce them from spreading the virus to others.

Keep enclosed spaces well ventilated –Keeping enclosed spaces such as your home, offices and classrooms well ventilated can reduce the risk of spreading contaminated air.

Practice good hand and respiratory hygiene –Wash your hands regularly, if you cough or sneeze cover your mouth and nose into a flexed elbow.  If using tissues; flush or dispose of them correctly.

If you experience flu-like or COVID-19 symptoms, avoid close contact with others and stay at home –If living with others you should avoid contact and follow the guidance for isolating at home.A COVID-19 helpline will be in operation (number to be advertised in due course) and drive through testing available. 

Vaccination – People are encouraged to receive at least their first and second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, for protection against severe illness from the virus. 

SHG and the Health Services Directorate will provide further details on the guidelines mentioned above in due course, however it is left to individuals to adhere to or practice these once St Helena is ‘Living with COVID’. 

5 things to help yourself and your family – Infographic

6 July 2022

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