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Process for people with flu-like symptoms in terms of going to the General Hospital or Clinics

If you become ill with any flu-like symptoms, similar to those of COVID-19, do not go to the General Hospital or any clinic. Instead, please call the hospital for advice on 22500. Self-isolate at home and await advice from Hospital staff.

If COVID-19 is expected or confirmed on St Helena

If there were to be community spread of COVID-19 on-Island, you would call the dedicated phone number: 25707 if you required any medical advice regarding COVID-19.

Practice good hygiene, stay away from crowds, and keep your distance from others. Keep up other healthy lifestyle practices. The healthier you are, the healthier your immune system is.

Keep informed via updates in the local media or on the SHG Website.

Scared of Covid-19?

It is only human nature to feel a bit scared and uneasy with the effect the virus has had globally. The Health Directorate’s advice is to be cautious, but not paranoid. Ensure you stay informed and follow the safety precautions.

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