COVID-19 Testing Clinics

The Health Services Directorate would like to inform the public that there will be two testing clinics in operation during the period in which there is community spread of COVID-19 on St Helena.  

Persons who experience symptoms related to COVID-19 or who are feeling unwell can call the COVID-19 Helpline via tel: 25888 for an appointment to be tested at one of the clinics. COVID-19 testing at the clinics will be available for all persons aged 5 + years.  Testing at the clinics will be conducted by appointments only.    

Testing Clinics will be set up at the following locations:

Bradley’s, Longwood

This will be a drive through testing facility. Persons with appointments for Bradley’s will be required to drive up to the marked testing area and remain in their car. Staff will then conduct testing and the necessary procedures at the car. Persons will exit the area via the marked routes. Results will be communicated on the same day via the Helpline.  

St Helena Community College, Jamestown (for the duration of the school holidays)

The entry point for the testing clinic will be via the Pilling Primary School playground.  Persons with appointments for this clinic will be permitted to drive into and park within the playground area. The clinic will be within Training Room 2 of the Community College.  

Testing clinics will have signs indicating directions and instructions, persons are asked to please adhere to these when visiting the clinics. 

People must attend the testing clinic they have been allocated to. If anyone attends the wrong testing clinic they will be directed to attend the clinic which they have been booked to attend.

If anyone attends a testing clinic without an appointment they will be directed to return home and call the COVID-19 Helpline for an appointment.

10 August 2022

St Helena Government Communications Hub

Telephone: 22470