COVID-19 Helpline

The Health Services Directorate would like to inform the public that the COVID-19 Helpline number is: 25888 and will become operational from the week commencing Monday, 15 August 2022.

The Helpline will be to provide advice for people with symptoms of COVID-19 and arrange testing at the testing clinics, if necessary.  The public is asked to please be mindful that the Helpline will likely become very busy once there is community spread of COVID-19, therefore when calling the number you are asked to please remain patient if delays are experienced. 

Helpline Operators will be working to provide a medical support service to the community. Operators will not tolerate abuse or unnecessary requests, as this could obstruct answering callers who are genuinely in need of assistance, your cooperation in this regard will be appreciated. 

When to use the COVID-19 Helpline

  • Persons experiencing symptoms related to COVID-19 are advised to:
  • Try and limit contact with others 
  • Call the COVID-19 Helpline and explain your symptoms.
  • Callers will be triaged by trained responders who will then arrange and communicate an appointment for further assessment and a COVID-19 test if necessary 
  • Once you have had a COVID-19 test, you will only be contacted if your test is positive for COVID. If you have not been contacted by 8pm on the evening of your test you can assume that your result is negative. If your symptoms get worse over the 48 hours after a negative test, you can call the Helpline again. 

10 August 2022

St Helena Government Communications Hub

Telephone: 22470