Reporting Positive COVID-19 Results

The public is advised that during the period in which community spread of COVID-19 is expected on-Island, the Health Services Directorate are required to track and analyse the rate of infection. 

Tracking the rate of infection would assist in the reporting of when the infection rate on-Island has reached its peak and when it could be expected to flatten and reach the end of community spread.   

Members of the public who are in possession of COVID-19 testing kits and plan to test themselves or others independently are asked that, should they receive positive test results, if this could be reported to the Health Services via the COVID-19 Helpline on tel: 25888.  Persons who have tested positive, are asked to please provide the Helpline operators with their name, address and date of birth.  

The public are thanked for their assistance and cooperation at this time. 


17 August 2022

St Helena Government Communications Hub

Telephone: 22470