COVID-19 Procedures within the Health & Social Care Facilities

The Health Services Directorate recently recorded over 1600+ persons testing positive for COVID-19, indicating that community spread on-Island has reached the peak and positive cases will now decrease. This has been evident with the decline of positive cases identified and/or reported to the Health Services during the past week.  

The Health Services Directorate would therefore like to inform the public of the following: 

COVID-19 testing will no longer be carried out or required within the General Hospital and Hospital Grounds with effect from Monday, 3 October 2022. Members of the public who are visiting patients or have appointments within the General Hospital, Outpatients Clinic, St Johns Villa or district clinics, will no longer be required to carry out a COVID-19 test prior to entry. However persons who are symptomatic on arrival will be tested for COVID -19.  

COVID-19 testing will continue within the Social Care facilities. All Social Care facilities (the Community Care Complex, Ebony View, Cape Villa and Deasons) will continue to carry out COVID-19 testing on staff and visitors until further notice.

The COVID-19 Helpline will continue to operate between 8am to 4pm on a daily basis until further notice. Persons who experience symptoms of COVID-19 are advised to call the Helpline on tel: 25888 and if necessary an appointment for a COVID-19 test will be arranged at  Bradleys testing centre.

Persons who test positive using COVID-19 testing kits at home are asked to call the COVID-19 Helpline to report their positive test result.  Please inform the operator of the date in which you tested positive.  


30 September 2022

St Helena Government Communications Hub

Telephone: 22470