St Helena’s vaccination programme began in January 2021, when the Island’s frontline workers were given the first doses of the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine, provided by the UK Government. 

 A further 3,800 doses were received on 26 February in order to start the vaccination programme for the entire eligible population (18 years +) of St Helena.

The Island’s eligible population were invited to receive the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine via a series of vaccination clinics set up over a period of three weeks each time.  The first phase took place between 1 and 20 March, with the second phase administering the second dose of the vaccine starting on 6 April.  The vaccination programme came to an end on 24 April.

The preliminary figures show that 95% of the Island’s population were fully vaccinated by 24 April 2021. 

 The table below shows preliminary vaccination figures as of 19 April 2021.  

Total Adult Population
Cumulative Total
of Vaccines administered to date
Cumulative Total First Dose  Cumulative Total First Dose    Cumulative Total Second DoseCumulative Total Second Dose
As a figureAs % of populationAs a figureAs % of population
  3,709  7,168* 3,627** 97.78%**  3,528**95.11%**
* this figure includes vaccines administered to the flight crew and visitors, who have not been included in  the total adult population for St Helena ** this figure only includes eligible individuals from the St Helenian population

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