Population and Demography

The page contains links to data files, reports and Statistical Bulletins relating to the population and demographics of St Helena, including the total population, births and deaths, migration, arrivals and departures, population projections, and the population of Ascension Island and Tristan da Cunha. For summary charts and commentary on these topics, please visit the Population and Demography Social section of St Helena in Figures.

For the full set of reports and data from the 2021 Census, see Population Censuses.

Population, Births and Deaths, and Migration

Latest data files and Statistical Bulletins:

  • Latest Statistical Bulletin (PDF format), issued May 2022
  • Data file (Excel format) updated to December 2023. Includes monthly estimates of the total population, the number of registered births ,deaths and marriages, and total arrivals and departures, and annual estimates of birth and death rates and life expectancy at birth.

Previous Statistical Bulletins (PDF format):

Arrivals and Departures

Latest data files and Statistical Bulletins:

  • Data file (Excel format) updated to January 2024. Includes detailed indicators of passenger arrivals and departures by air and sea.
  • Latest Statistical Bulletin (PDF format) issued May 2021

Previous Statistical Bulletins (PDF format):

Population Projections

Latest report:

Previous reports:

Population of Ascension and Tristan Da Cunha

  • Data file: (Excel Format) updated to Quarter 4, 2023, released in January 2024. Includes quarterly estimates of the population of Ascension Island by nationality and Tristan Da Cunha by Islander status.