Social, Community and Other

This page contains links to data files (in Excel format) and reports and Statistical Bulletins (in PDF format) relating to social benefits, community services, human development (including health and education), vehicles, and the climate.

  • Benefits Benefits (Excel format), monthly data file to December 2022, released in January 2023. Includes number of people and households receiving social benefits, including the Basic Island Pension, Income Related Benefits, and Better Life Allowance
  • Community (Excel format), quarterly data file to Quarter 3 2022, released in November 2022. Includes estimates relating to community services, including Police, Fire & Rescue, and Judicial Services
  • Human Development Index (Excel format), annual data file up to 2017, released in May 2019. Includes estimates of the HDI and the health, education and income components for St Helena, and global estimates and rankings for other countries
  • Human Development Index (PDF format), Statistical Bulletin issued in June 2019
  • Vehicles (Excel format), quarterly data file to Quarter 4, 2022, released in January 2023. Includes number and type of vehicles registered and licenced on St Helena
  • Climate (Excel format), monthly data file up to March 2021, last released in July 2021. Includes humidity, rainfall, sunshine, wind, at selected locations.
  • COVID-19 case prevalence rates in different countries (PDF format), Statistical Bulletin issued in September 2020
  • Potential impact of COVID-19 on St Helena Community (PDF format), Statistical Bulletin issued in May 2020