Population Censuses

St Helena has conducted regular population censuses since the nineteenth century. This page contains links to reports and data files from St Helena’s eighteen published censuses: 2021, 2016, 2008, 1998, 1987, and the thirteen Censuses between 1861 and 1976.

2021 Population and Housing Census

The 2021 Census was conducted on February 7, 2021. Please contact the Statistics Office directly for further analysis or information.

Reports (PDF format)

  • Main Report, containing detailed results and reference tables, 77 pages, issued in July 2021
  • Infographic, containing key results in a user-friendly two-page format, issued in July 2021
  • District Profiles, containing statistics for each of St Helena’s eight Districts, 12 pages, issued in July 2021
  • 2021 Census: Initial Results, issued May 2021

Data file (Excel format)

  • Tables, containing data for all the tables published in the Main Report, issued in July 2021.

Questionnaires (PDF format)

  • Form A: Household Questionnaire
  • Form B: St Helena Residents Overseas
  • Form C: Communal Establishments
  • Form D: Unoccupied Dwellings
  • Form E1: Personal Questionnaire
  • Form E2: Visitor Questionnaire

2016 Population and Housing Census

Reports (PDF format)

  • Summary Report, outlining the high-level results from the Census, issued in June 2016.
  • Reference Tables and supplementary data, last updated in April 2019.

Data file (Excel format)

Questionnaires (PDF format)

Form A: Household Questionnaire

2008 Population Census

1998 Population Census (PDF)

1987 Population Census (PDF)

1861 to 1976 Population Censuses (PDF format)