The Economy

This page contains links to data files, reports and Statistical Bulletins relating to the economy of St Helena, including price inflation, gross domestic product (GDP), external trade, wages and incomes, and other topics including exchange rates, production, construction, utilities, and aid.

Please note, for the latest reports and data from the 2017 Household Expenditure Survey and the 2018 and 2019 Business Surveys please see: Surveys

Price Inflation

Latest data files and Statistical Bulletin on price inflation:

  • Data file (Excel format), Quarterly data file updated to Quarter 1 2023, released in April 2023. Includes the Retail Price Index by category of expenditure, and estimates of annual and quarterly price inflation.
  • Retail Price Index and Inflation for Q1 2023 (PDF format), issued April 2023

Previous Statistical Bulletins on price inflation (PDF format):

Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

Latest data files and Statistical Bulletins on GDP:

  • Data file (Excel format), estimates to 2021/22, (financial years), last updated in June 2023. Includes estimates of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and Gross National Income (GNI), corresponding growth rates, value added by sector, and GDP and GNI per capita
  • Statistical Bulletin, economic activity for 2021/22, issued June 2023 (PDF version available here)

Previous Statistical Bulletins (PDF format):

External Trade

Latest data files and Statistical Bulletins on external trade:

  • Data file (Excel format), annual (financial years) and quarterly statistics to Quarter 1, 2022 released on August 2021. Includes the value of imports and exports of goods by value, and exports of fish by species and quantity
  • Latest Statistical Bulletin (PDF format) imports of goods 2020/21, issued June 2022

Previous Statistical Bulletins (PDF format):

Wages and Incomes

Latest data files and Statistical Bulletins on wages and incomes:

  • Data file (Excel format), annual to 2021/22 (financial years), last released in March 2023. Includes estimates of average gross incomes from full time employment, adjusted for inflation.
  • Latest Statistical Bulletin (PDF format), average gross incomes from employment, 2021/22, issued March 2023.

Previous Statistical Bulletins (PDF format):

Other Topics

Latest data files, reports, and Statistical Bulletins on other topics:

  • Exchange rates, monthly data file to May 2023 released in June 2023 (Excel format). Includes average exchange rates of the St Helena pound to the South African Rand, Euro, and US Dollar
  • Production, quarterly data file to Quarter 4, 2022, last released in May 2023 (Excel format). Includes estimates of livestock population, meat production, fish catches and sales, forestry and firewood production
  • Construction, quarterly data file to Quarter 1, 2023, released in April 2023 (Excel format). Includes number of building permits issued, and statistics on construction activity
  • Utilities , quarterly data file to Quarter 1, 2023, released in April 2023 (Excel format). Includes indicators on water and electricity supply and consumptions
  • Aid, annual data file updated to 2021, released in June 2023 Includes estimates of aid spending by other countries on behalf of St Helena (Excel format)
  • Aid spending on behalf of St Helena, 2017 (PDF format), Statistical Bulletin issued January 2019
  • 2017 RPI Item Categories and Weights (PDF format), issued May 2018
  • Estimates of purchasing power parity between St Helena, UK, and US (PDF format), Statistical Bulletin issued November 2016
  • Minimum Income Standard (PDF format), Statistical Bulletin issued November 2019