Official statistics about St Helena are compiled by the Statistics Office, part of the Central Support Service of the St Helena Government. Its purpose is to produce credible, timely, accessible and relevant statistics to support St Helena’s development and to help people make better decisions.

Responsibility for statistical activities rests with the island’s Statistical Commissioner, Neil Fantom. The legal framework is provided by the 2000 Statistics Ordinance, and the organisational framework is provided by the National Strategy for the Development of Statistics.

Statistical outputs cover a wide range of social and economic topic areas. Estimates of price inflation are published every quarter, population totals and passenger arrivals and departures are updated every month, and other statistics are updated whenever new data are available, usually each year. Key statistical surveys include the Population and Housing Census which was last conducted in 2021, and the Household Income and Expenditure Survey, which was conducted in 2017/18.

New and revised data are published via news bulletins and reports and the latest data series are available. If you are looking for statistical data about St Helena, and you cannot find it easily, please contact us.