Sustainable Development

The role of the Sustainable Development Team is to ensure Saints are “altogether wealthier” by assisting the development of St Helena’s private sector, promoting sustainable economic growth, increasing the skilled workforce and ensuring that everyone on St Helena prospers from sustainable economic development.

Our role is underpinned by our core principle to facilitate, enable and make it easier for organisations to do business both locally and with international markets. The team’s overall goal is the delivery of the Sustainable Economic Development Plan.

Our five strategic priorities are:

  • Attract and maintain investment in St Helena by both local and international investors.
  • Improve the trade deficit by promoting and enabling St Helena’s key export sectors and enabling import substitution.
  • Restart and rebuild the visitor economy
  • Connect the world with St Helena, enabling economic and social progress.
  • Resolve inequities, both real and perceived, in St Helena’s labour market; increasing the population living and working on St Helena and preparing the workforce to meet the vision laid out in the SEDP.

The team is divided into six key functions, designed to deliver SHG’s existing and developing cross-cutting strategies and policies related to the sustainable economic development of the Island in order to achieve our objectives:

For more information on the team’s strategy, objectives or key functions, contact Damian Burns, Head of Sustainable Development on:

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