Rock Fall Warning: Safety Risk For Fishermen

Recent rock falls have been identified on the eastern side of St Helena, specifically in the area known as “Spot”, situated between Duck Yard Point and Buoy’s Hole. These rock falls have created a potential hazard for fishermen frequenting this popular fishing location, with the rock fall zone located more towards the Buoy’s Hole side.

The St Helena Sea Rescue Service urges all fishermen to be aware of the risk of falling rocks, especially in areas with known unstable cliffs or slopes.

Safety Tips for Fishermen:

  • Pay close attention to the cliffs and shoreline while fishing. Look for signs of recent rock falls, loose rocks, and cracks in the rock face.
  • If you see any signs of instability, choose a different fishing location.
  • Before heading out, inform a friend or family member about your fishing trip. Tell them your intended location and estimated return time. Alternatively, inform the Joint Emergency Services Control Room when leaving and once you have returned home.
  • If possible, bring a VHF radio for emergencies. Ensure your mobile phone is fully charged and has good reception in the area (be aware of dead zones).

For more information or in the case of an emergency please contact the Joint Emergency Services Control Room at the following numbers:

Emergency: 999

Office: +290 22626

VHF Radio Channel 16: Saint Helena Radio


St Helena Government Communications Hub

Telephone: 22470