The Treasury takes the lead in the effective and efficient management of public finances on St Helena for the long term sustainable growth of the Island and oversees the public financial management framework and controls that ensure that the government is accountable to the Legislature and the public in the management and use of public resources.

Strong Public Financial Management (PFM) is essential to good governance and is an underpinning objective of the goals set out in St Helena’s 10 Year Plan.

This is done through robust financial systems and processes and Treasury ensures that St Helena Government’s systems and processes facilitates trade and business within the economy, secures the collection of key revenues for the Island to fund public services and efficiently delivers frontline services to the public like social security, pensions, registrar services and licensing.

Treasury Documents

Government of St Helena Budget

2024/25 – 2026/27

2022/23 – 2024/25

2021/22 – 2023/24


Annual Financial Statements and Regulations

SHG Financial Statements 2020-21 Signed CA

Currency Fund Financial Statements 2020-21

SHG Financial Regulations 2019

SHG Financial Statements 2018-2019

Currency Fund Financial Statement 2019-20


Freight Transport Subsidy


For older Corporate Finance Documents, please visit the Corporate Finance Document Archive.