The following is a public announcement from the Police Directorate:

St Helena Police are appealing for information, relating to an ongoing Police investigation, regarding the death of livestock which occurred in the Head O’Wain area on Wednesday, 7 August 2019.

A lamb was suspected to have been attacked and killed by a dog or dogs and Police are appealing for any information relating to this or any similar incidents in the area.

 The public is reminded of their responsibilities as dog owners to ensure they do not allow their animals to roam unattended.

 Police are keen to speak to anyone with any information of this incident, regardless of how minor they consider their information to be.

 Please contact the Investigating Officer, Police Constable James Venning, on tel: 22626 or email: Alternatively, you can speak to a Police Officer of your choice or leave a message with the on duty Police Controllers.

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14 August 2019


The following is a public announcement from Port Control:

Port Control would like to advise the public of the following procedures when clearing/collecting goods from the Jamestown Wharf.

Procedure for pedestrians entering the Wharf

All pedestrians entering the Wharf area must do so via the footbridge that leads over the moat. Pedestrians will then need to walk across the front of the Customs Building and onto the Wharf, keeping to the right-hand side and within the safety barriers.

Once persons have cleared their goods, they must walk back past the front of the Customs Building and across the footbridge leading to the main road adjacent to the main Wharf entrance.

Collecting goods from the Wharf with a vehicle

No vehicles will be allowed beyond the barrier until the goods, which persons intend to collect, have been cleared with HM Customs and persons are in possession of a receipt to prove that payment has been made. Only then will vehicles be granted permission to enter the Wharf.

Persons may enter the Wharf on foot, using the pedestrian route (mentioned above).

Port Security Staff reserves the right to ask the driver/occupants of the vehicle of their intentions for visiting the Wharf, including if they are to collect goods from Richard James International, Saint Trading, Zedcore or the Freight Terminal, before granting permission to enter the Wharf.

Vehicles will be given permission to drop off/pick up equipment etc at the lower landing steps subject to cargo/passenger operations.

Please note: any abuse will not be tolerated towards staff members of Port Control or HM Customs.

The public is thanked for their cooperation and understanding.

14 August 2019

Recently, discussions were held with the Curator over the low number of people visiting the Sir Hudson Lowe Exhibition at Plantation House. Very few people had paid specifically to see this Exhibition on a different day of the week to the escorted tours of Plantation House. Also, in recent weeks, the Exhibition materials had to be moved around temporarily when the building was prepared to host different events and functions.

Despite pragmatic suggestions from HE the Governor to either store the Exhibition until times when more tourists were expected, or to have the exhibition put into a room separate from the house tours, the Curator has taken the decision to dismantle the Exhibition with immediate effect. The Curator’s view was the settings for the displays could not be changed.

Governor’s Office St Helena, Ascension Island and Tristan da Cunha

14 August 2019

During the previous week we’ve had some short but heavy showers of rain on St Helena. Whilst any rainfall is welcome, it is not enough to see the desired effects in our water catchments or to take the pressure off the drought that we are currently experiencing. As we approach the end of winter, with no significant rainfall forecast, it is essential that we continue to monitor and conserve as much water as possible.

Our stored water is now at 32% compared to this period last year when our stored water was at 98.6% (see photos of Harpers one in July 2018 and Harpers one today, 13 August 2019).

The Island’s water stocks remain very low. The current stored water level is 34 days and the daily consumption levels remains at over one million litres.

Connect Saint Helena Ltd (CSH) are continuing to pump water from Chubb’s Spring and Hutt’s Gate to Red Hill.  

To preserve our precious resource, it is important that we all continue to cut down our water usage to essential use only. Remember we are currently under an Island-wide hosepipe ban which CSH enforced on Monday, 24 June 2019.

If you see anyone using water irresponsibly or notice a burst pipe or leak, then please inform CSH immediately.

Every drop counts, every action counts – everyone must save every drop of water possible.

Harpers 1 (13 August 2019)
Harpers 1 (July 2018)











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St Helena Resilience Forum

13 August 2019

Applications for Chevening Scholarships for study in the UK for 2020/2021 are now open.  The closing date is Tuesday, 5 November 2019.

Chevening Scholarships are the UK Government’s global scholarship programme, funded by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office.  The Chevening Programme makes awards to outstanding individuals with leadership potential from around the world to study postgraduate courses at UK universities.  These are usually one year long master’s degree courses.

For the 2020/2021 programme, courses will commence in September 2020. The scholarship offers full financial support and allows candidates to gain access to a wide range of exclusive academic, professional, and cultural experiences.

The Chevening programme was established in 1983 and is spread across more than 140 countries.  Since its establishment over 50,000 outstanding professionals have had the opportunity to experience the UK and develop their careers through Chevening.

To apply, candidates must meet certain criteria which includes:

  • Having completed all components of an undergraduate degree that will enable entry into a postgraduate programme in the UK,
  • Have at least two years’ work experience
  • Return to St Helena for a minimum of two years following the course

Further information and guidance on eligibility can be found at

Zedalla Young (pictured on the right), who through the Chevening Programme is currently studying for a MSc in Strategic Tourism Management and Marketing commented:

This past year has been an incredible experience, and this has been a result of the Chevening programme. Each month the secretariat sends through an update with a list of events that includes British culture, sporting events, networking and conferences and volunteer opportunities. The community is also run through a closed Facebook group for scholars to exchange information and ideas and has spanned many additional groups to connect people of similar interests. I have made invaluable contacts with scholars in marketing, tourism development and from other British Overseas Territories, which could not have been possible without Chevening. I am honoured to be a part of this community and hope to see more scholars from St Helena take the opportunity to study on the Chevening programme.

Zedella will return to St Helena in September 2019.

Governor Dr Phillip Rushbrook commented:

“We must congratulate Zedella for her achievements; she is an excellent ambassador for the Programme. My hope is many other St Helenians will take advantage of Chevening to experience academic study in the UK and advance their professional development.”

Director of Education, Wendy Benjamin commented:

“The Chevening Scholarship provides opportunity for students to further their education, it supports career aspirations and personal development.  We have seen how this has benefitted past students and in turn St Helena.  I encourage interested persons to apply.  This is an opportunity not to be missed.”

 Further information about the Programme can be found on the Chevening website,, through which applications should be submitted.

Manager of the Governor’s Office, Kerry Lane, is able to provide advice and support locally. For more information please call Kerry on 22308 or email her at


13 August 2019


Councillors will hold a series of meetings in each district for constituents to ask questions and raise concerns. The following key topics will also be discussed at each meeting:

  • Social Impact Assessment Review
  • Phase One of the DFID funded Economic Development Investment Programme
  • Unbanning cycling on roads into and out of Jamestown
  • St Helenian Status

Each meeting will start at 7pm.



Kingshurst Community Centre Monday, 19 August
HTH Community Centre Monday, 19 August
St Mary’s Church, The Briars Tuesday, 20 August
Harford Community Centre Wednesday, 21 August
Blue Hill Community Centre Thursday, 22 August
Jamestown Community Centre Tuesday, 27 August
St Michael’s Church, Rupert’s Tuesday, 27 August
Silver Hill Bar, Levelwood Wednesday, 28 August
Sandy Bay Community Centre Thursday, 29 August

The Councillors looks forward to meeting with you and hearing your views.

13 August 2019

Today, Monday 12 August, is the United Nations ‘International Youth Day’. The theme for this year is ‘transforming education’. To commerate the day, the St Helena Safe Haven Project, forming part of the Children & Adults Social Care Directorate, have organised an awareness raising campaign.

The Campaign will include an assembly for Year 9 and 10 students of Prince Andrew School and a fun day to commerate the day held in September 2019. Further details will be announced soon.

Notes to Editor

12 August was first designated International Youth Day by the UN General Assembly in 1999, and serves as an annual celebration of the role of young women and men as essential partners in change, and an opportunity to raise awareness of challenges and problems facing the world’s youth, particularly the youth of St Helena.

There are currently 1.8 billion young people between the ages of 10 and 24 in the world. According to the SHG Statistics Office, the number of young people between the ages of 12 and 18 on St Helena are:

Young people between the ages of 12 and 18 in February 2016 (2016 Population & Housing Census)
  Male Female Total
All residents 163 142 305
St Helenians 155 129 284


Young people between the ages of 12 and 18 in 2019 (estimated, excluding migration)
  Male Female Total
All residents 147 137 284
St Helenians 132 122 254


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12 August 2019


As part of the Children & Adults Social Care Directorate’s ‘CARE’: Caring And Respecting Everyone Campaign, an open-door recruitment will be held at the Princess Royal Community Care Centre (CCC) from 11.30am-3pm on Friday, 16 August 2019.

The event will allow interested persons to talk with directorate staff, learn more about working in Social Care, and explore a typical day in the life of a Carer. Interviews will take place on the same day.

If you are unable to attend the open-door recruitment event but would like to make an appointment to discuss career opportunities in Social Care, please contact Lisa Thomas at Brick House on tel: (00 290) 22713.

The next open-door recruitment day will be held at the CCC on Friday, 20 September 2019.

Notes to Editor

The Children & Adults Social Care Directorate has various vacancies across residential services supporting older people, services for adults with additional needs, and sheltered housing services. The CARE Campaign aims to recruit local carers for the residential services, and for individuals requiring support in maintaining a degree of independence and quality of life.

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12 August 2019



 The Environment, Natural Resources & Planning Directorate (ENRP) and the Infrastructure & Transport Directorate (ITD) advises clients to please call the Receptionist, prior to their visit, to make an appointment to see the Officer of their choice.

This will avoid any disappointment when a client arrives at the Office and is told that the Officer they wish to see is unavailable either because they are attending site visits, attending meetings or engaged in important field work.

The Receptionists are Emma Piek and Rea Williams. They may be contacted via:

Scotland Office on tel: 24724 or via email:

Essex House on tel: 22270 or via email:

The ENRP and I&T Directorates thank you for your cooperation.

12 August 2019

The Education & Employment Directorate is pleased to announce that the winner of the 2019 Jean Beadon Art Award for the Primary Sector is Raylisha Piek from St Paul’s Primary School. Congratulations are extended to Raylisha for this achievement.

In 2nd place was Allie Fowler from St Paul’s Primary School and in 3rd place was Santina Stevens from Pilling Primary School.

The following children were highly commended: Blake O’Connor and Ty Young of St Paul’s Primary School, Ella-Mae Joshua and Katelyn Benjamin of Pilling Primary School and Bobbi Clingham of Harford Primary School.

This year judging was carried out by Mrs Joyce Duncan, Mrs Isha Harris and Miss Keisha Peters, all of whom have artistic talents. Special thanks are extended to the judges for their support to this competition.

All children were presented with their certificates and prizes during their Schools’ End of Year Prize Presentations. Art Folders were on display for all to view during each Schools’ Open Day.

The late Mrs Jean Beadon was particularly interested in the work of young people and set up a Trust to ensure the encouragement and development of artistic talents continues. The Jean Beadon Trust presents opportunities for children in the Year 6 class of the Primary Schools and in Prince Andrew School to win prizes for their art. The Education Directorate thanks members of the Trust for their continued support.

Thanks are also extended to all Year 6 pupils for their participation and teachers for their support and coaching. All awardees and participants are wished every success as they continue to enhance and develop their artistic talents in Prince Andrew School.

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12 August 2019