David Clarke of New Ground, St Paul’s, has recently graduated having achieved a First Class Honours Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics following three years of study at the University of Portsmouth in the UK.

In his final year David chose to study six units covering Advanced Analysis, Introduction to General Relativity & Cosmology, Partial Differential Equations & Their Applications, Nonlinear Dynamics, Projects in Mathematics, and Quantitative Supply Chain Management.

David said:

“The final year was, as forecasted, the most challenging. I felt I had picked my options well as they surrounded areas of my personal interest making them more enjoyable, however four of the six units were the hardest units offered on the degree.”

Advanced Analysis was a pure mathematics unit, one of the rarest types of math skill, and was avoided by most undergraduates with only David and two other students selecting it. Coordinated by the Head of the Department, Professor Andrew Osbaldestin, the unit consisted of material on metric and topological spaces, whereby David was tasked with learning new definitions, theories, and corresponding proofs. The assessment method for this unit was a three hour exam worth 100%.

Commenting on the unit, David said:

“In this exam I found it difficult to prove a few theories using logical statements that were often mind-twisting. Still it was a great opportunity to learn and build a reputation with the Head of Department.

“In addition, the unit Introduction to General Relativity & Cosmology was another great accomplishment, learning how Albert Einstein had constructed his Theory of General Relativity to mathematically describe gravity due to matter and curved spacetime.”

Despite selecting some of the hardest units available, David stood to the challenge and persevered, coming out with a pass in each and every unit.

On the skills he learned, David said:

“It is important to note that the level of thinking involved to both understand the material taught and problem solve is a valuable skill that not only relates to math but many other fields and everyday scenarios.”  

David graduated on Monday, 15 July 2019, and will soon return to St Helena where he will embark on a new journey enrolling on the iPGCE programme at Prince Andrew School.

David concluded:

“I’d like to thank those involved in the scholarship for the wonderful opportunity to expand my math skills, general ability, and confidence, all of which will contribute in improving St Helena overtime.” 

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17 July 2019

Kyle Shoesmith of Half Tree Hollow, has recently graduated having achieved a First Class Honours Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Civil Engineering following three years of study at the University of Portsmouth.

Kyle said:

“After completion of my engineering course I am thrilled to say that I have achieved a First Class Honours Degree. I have maintained a first overall for each year of study but found my third and final year both the most challenging and rewarding.”

During his course, Kyle studied units such as Energy Resources and Infrastructure, an Integrated Civil Engineering Design Project, Professional Development 3, a Research Methods & Individual Project, and Transportation Engineering.

A large focus of Kyle’s coursework was his dissertation project, accounting for two of the six units for the academic year. Choosing Transportation Engineering, Kyle was able to produce research regarding ‘Vehicle Placement and Pavement Deterioration at Horizontal Curves’.

Kyle commented:

“This was a unique and fulfilling experience in which I surveyed approximately 10,000 vehicles and used the findings to establish possible relationships between the effects of vehicles and pavement deterioration for more accurate maintenance predictions.”

During his dissertation research, Kyle was in regular contact and worked with a PhD student from the university. In the near future, both Kyle and the student hope to combine and further their research.

Alongside the hard work of being an engineering student in university, Kyle also managed to enjoy life in the UK by traveling during his breaks and partaking in sports and other hobbies, though this was more difficult during the final year.

Kyle explained:

“This year, I have engaged the least in non-course related activities such as sports and social events due to the academic workload. However, I have continued as a member of the gym adjacent to my student accommodation, and frequently visited family and friends outside of Portsmouth.”

Kyle successfully completed his course and graduated on Monday, 15 July 2019.

He concluded:

“Overall, I am pleased that I have achieved what I set out to do, and in the process have met good people and have obtained valuable life experiences. My achievement is a reflection of those who have helped me throughout the way, no matter how large or small, including the scholarship committee, employers, teachers, family and friends.

“I would encourage other saints to strive to reach their full potential with any opportunities available. In doing so, your potential will grow allowing for limitless development.”

Kyle will soon return to St Helena where he will be employed by St Helena Government as a Graduate Engineer.

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17 July 2019

The following is a Public Announcement from HM Customs & Revenue and the Income Tax Office:

HM Customs & Revenue and the Income Tax Office would like to advise the public that their offices will close from 12noon on Friday, 19 July 2019. This closure is due to a staff function.

HM Customs & Revenue and the Income Tax Office will reopen as normal from 8.30am on Monday, 22 July 2019.

HM Customs & Revenue and the Income Tax Office would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused.

17 July 2019


The following is a Public Announcement from the Infrastructure & Transport Directorate:

The Highways Authority has given approval for Side Path Road to be closed from 9am to 3pm on Wednesday, 24 July 2019.

 This closure is to allow the Rock Guards to carry out a controlled rock removal and stabilisation above the top section of Side Path Road.

An evacuation is not needed for the duration of the works. Flag men and appropriate signage will be in place.

During the closure, the diversion route will be via Constitution Hill Road and no Emergency Services’ vehicles will be granted access.

The Roads Section would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank the public in advance for their continued understanding and cooperation.

16 July 2019



  • Reservoir levels remain dangerously low at just 28 days
  • No significant rainfall is forecast for the next week
  • This is an Island-wide issue and until the situation improves we must all restrict our water usage to essential use only

Daily consumption levels on St Helena remains at just over one million litres of water, but no substantial rainfall means Island water stocks remain dangerously low, with just 28 days of storage water remaining.

It is not forecast for St Helena to experience any significant rainfall over the next week, which means that there will be no surface water run-off going into the Island’s reservoirs.

To preserve our precious resource it is important that we continue to cut down our water use to essential use only. Remember that we are currently under a hosepipe ban after Connect Saint Helena (CSH) enforced Island-wide water restrictions on Monday, 24 June 2019.

In the meantime, CSH have continued to pump water from Bore Hole 5 into Hutt’s Gate Reservoir – this is why this reservoir seemingly has an elevated level of water stock – and are then transferring water from Hutt’s Gate to Red Hill, via Grapevine Gut.

It is everyone’s responsibility to take great care in using our water and consumers are continually urged to reduce consumption wherever possible. St Helena residents, businesses and people who use water for agricultural purposes are also urged to exercise great care and restraint when using water.

As mentioned in the last update, it will also be worthwhile for consumers to regularly check their water meters and monitor water usage to ensure there are no leaks in their system. CSH have issued a guide on how to do this.

Regular updates on reservoir levels will be issued to the public.

If you see anyone using water irresponsibly or notice a burst pipe or leak then please inform CSH immediately.

Every drop counts, every action counts – Everyone must save every drop of water possible.

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St Helena Resilience Forum
16 July 2019


As part of St Helena Government’s (SHG) Internet Awareness Campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of the internet and to promote safety when online, this week the focus is on using the internet safely.

In today’s digital age more and more people, both young and old, are using the internet. While it is an amazing resource for information as well as a great place for social interaction, if not used safely the internet can present many dangers to those who use it.

With hacks, scams, malware and more, the World Wide Web can feel like a daunting place to visit for anyone not aware of how best to be protected. The creation of devices, from smartphones and tablets to internet-connected appliances, have opened people up to even greater risks when online.

The good news is that, by taking some small security measures, people can greatly reduce their exposure to these threats. These tips can help make sure that you use the internet safely:

  • Create complex passwords – Creating strong, unique passwords for all your critical accounts really is the best way to keep your personal and financial information safe
  • Use a firewall – This is an electronic barrier that blocks unauthorized access to your computers and devices
  • Think before you click – Many of today’s online threats are based on phishing for personal or sensitive information for fraudulent purposes. Spam emails, phony ‘free’ offers, click bait, online quizzes, and more all use these tactics to entice you to click on dangerous links. Always be wary of offers that sound too good to be true
  • Protect your mobile – Mobile devices are vulnerable to online threats as well as new risks, such as risky apps and dangerous links sent by text message. Be careful where you click, don’t respond to messages from strangers, and only download apps from official app stores. Ensure that security software is enabled on your mobile, just like your computers and other devices
  • Keep up to date – Keep all your software updated so you have the latest security patches
  • Keep your guard up – Online threats are evolving all the time, so make sure you know what to look out for by looking and listening out for the latest scams and techniques. Always be cautious about what you do online, which sites you visit, and what you share. Use comprehensive security software, and make sure to back up your data on a regular basis in case something goes wrong

Remember these tips next time you are online and share them with friends and family, especially children with access to the internet, to ensure that you and the people you care about are using the internet safely.

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15 July 2019

The Health Directorate is aware of a very small number of Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease cases. As a precautionary measure, the following information is being released:

Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease is a viral infection that can affect young children.  It does not usually pose a serious threat to a child’s health but can be an unpleasant condition particularly if it affects younger children.

Typical symptoms of Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease include:

  • Cold-like symptoms, such as loss of appetite, cough and a moderately high temperature of around 38-39°C (100.4-102.2°F)
  • A non-itchy red rash, made up of spots or small fluid-filled sacs (vesicles), which usually develop on the hands and feet, but may also occur on the knees, elbows, groin and buttocks – sometimes the rash can develop into painful blisters
  • Painful mouth ulcers

Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease is a self-limiting condition, which means it will get better on its own without treatment.  The symptoms will usually pass within seven days.

However, the symptoms can be uncomfortable so possible treatment options include:

  • Using paracetamolibuprofenand mouth gels to relieve the pain of mouth ulcers
  • Drinking plenty of fluidsto help relieve a high temperature

These items can all be obtained from the Pharmacy or from local stores.  There is no need to see a Doctor for this condition.

But you should contact your Doctor if your child is not drinking any fluid or their symptoms last longer than seven days.

A person with Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease is highly contagious until about a week after the symptoms begin. Because of the way the infection is spread, outbreaks of the disease can occur in places where groups of children need to have their nappies changed or use a potty, such as nurseries or childcare centres.

You should keep your child away from school or nursery while they are unwell.

However, there is no need to wait until the last blister has gone before your child can return to school or nursery, providing they are otherwise well.

The Health Directorate cannot issue sick certificates for parents whose children are unwell. Please contact your HR department for guidance on Parental or Emergency leave.

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12 July 2019


His Excellency Governor Dr. Philip Rushbrook is currently visiting Ascension Island for the first time since being appointed Governor of St Helena, Ascension, and Tristan da Cunha in May.

On Wednesday evening, 10 July 2019, the Governor, alongside Ascension Island Administrator, Steve Chandler, hosted a Town Hall meeting in Georgetown at the Saints Members Club (see photo attached). The meeting was well attended by members of the Ascension community.

After a short speech, the Governor took questions from the floor. Topics were wide ranging and included the ongoing runway repair project, employment legislation, the designation of a marine protected area, and the Island’s education provision. The Governor then continued conversations with the public as he hosted an open drinks reception following the meeting.

This morning, Thursday, 11 July 2019, Governor Rushbrook attended a meeting of the Business Consultation Forum (BCF). The BCF is the mechanism by which the various stakeholders that contribute to the Business Levy meet to discuss any proposed changes or adjustments to it. This provided the Governor the opportunity to better understand what shape this important financial instrument might take over the coming years.

Amongst other engagements, the Governor’s itinerary for the rest of his time on Ascension will see him attend the Two Boats School End of Year Awards Ceremony, an Informal Meeting of the Island Council, and tour the Island’s medical facilities.

Governor Rushbrook will return to St Helena on Sunday, 14 July 2019.

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11 July 2019


A meeting of Executive Council will take place in the Council Chamber at 9.30am on Tuesday, 16 July 2019.

The following items will be discussed on the Open Agenda:

  • Climate Change Policy
  • Civil Aviation (Investigations of Air Accidents and Incidents) Regulations

These papers (ExCo Memos) are available online at the following link: http://www.sainthelena.gov.sh/councils/executive-council/.

Members of the public who would like to view hard copies of any ExCo Memos should contact the Clerk of Councils, Anthea Moyce, at the Castle on tel: 22470 or via email: anthea.moyce@sainthelena.gov.sh.

Elected Members currently serving on Executive Council are Councillors Lawson Henry, Anthony Green, Christine Scipio, Derek Thomas and Russell Yon.

The non-voting members of Executive Council are Chief Secretary, Susan O’Bey, Financial Secretary, Dax Richards, and Acting Attorney General, Allen Cansick.

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11 July 2019

Earlier this year the Napoleonic Bicentenary Vision Group was established and tasked with creating a vision for how St Helena will mark the bicentenary commemorating the 200th anniversary of French Emperor Napoleon’s death on 5 May 2021.  The group looked beyond 2021 to capitalise on the Napoleonic legacy in terms of education and tourism/economic development.

The work undertaken by the Group, supported and informed by the organisations and community members consulted, has articulated the following vision which the whole Island can support:

Engaging the Napoleonic Heritage on St Helena through Arts and Crafts, Song and Dance, Literature and Drama, Walks and Re-enactments to create a lasting legacy for posterity and the benefit of the Island as a whole.

This vision, contained in a report from the Group, has been accepted and endorsed by Enterprise St Helena (ESH) and St Helena Government and has been presented to the Economic Development Committee.

Chairman of the Vision Group, Councillor Lawson Henry said:

It was an honour for me to have been asked to chair the Vision Group and to have worked with such talented people.  They had a real vision as to how we can capitalise on the Napoleonic history of St Helena to our advantage.” 

ESH is now in the process of recruiting a Project Manager to co-ordinate and oversee the development of a detailed operational plan to implement the Vision. A steering group is being initiated to support the Project Manager with putting the plan into action.

Chief Executive for Economic Development, Dr Dawn Cranswick, concluded:

“The Vision Group successfully created an ambitious headline programme of activities and events setting out how St Helena will commemorate this globally important anniversary. The Project Manager, with guidance and support from Steering Group members, will have a unique opportunity to spearhead the process of turning the Vision into reality, for the benefit of St Helena as a whole.”

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10 July 2019