Dr Martin Collins
Dr Martin Collins

Dr Martin Collins (pictured) arrived on Island on 14 October 2015 to undertake his role as Fisheries Scientist on the Darwin Plus funded project: Sustainable Development and Management of St Helena’s Fisheries and Marine Tourism. Martin is initially on Island until 6 January 2016, and will return three more times during the project which will see him return in March and August 2016 and again in February 2017.

Martin will develop a fisheries science programme that will underpin the sustainable management of St Helena’s fisheries and build into a fisheries management strategy. He will also be analysing historic data to investigate how the sea surface temperature influences the catch of tuna in St Helena waters.

Martin will also be building a new database to store fish catch and to measure and weigh fish. He also plans to establish a tagging programme for Yellowfin Tuna and some of the inshore species.

Martin said:

“I want to help St Helena get better prices for sustainably caught fish on the export market. There is strong demand for sustainably caught, pole and line tuna, and I think there are opportunities for St Helena to meet some of this demand.”

Martin has worked in the areas of fish and fisheries for over twenty years. After he graduated from university, his first job was as a fisheries observer in the Falkland Islands. He then studied for a PhD in Ireland and was a lecturer at Aberdeen University. From there he worked as a marine biologist with the British Antarctic Survey from 2002-2009. His most recent job was Chief Executive and Director of Fisheries for the Government of South Georgia.

Martin added:

“A good fisheries science programme can help demonstrate and improve sustainability and best practice. This job will involve me spending time at the processing plant at Rupert’s and going out to sea on fishing boats – which I am really looking forward to.”

6 November 2015


The Highways Authority has given approval for Side Path Road to be closed on Wednesday 11 November 2015 from 1.30 to 3.30pm. This closure will allow the Rock Guards to stabilise and secure a rock above the road, in the interest of public safety. As normal, only emergency vehicles will be granted access.

The Roads Section thanks the public in advance for their continued understanding and cooperation.


6 November 2015


The public is advised that the Highways Authority has given approval for the road and area surrounding the Cenotaph to Donny’s Place, to be closed on the morning of Sunday 8 November 2015 in order for the Remembrance Day Service to take place.

The road and surrounding area will be closed from 3am on Sunday until the ceremony has been concluded.

Appropriate signs will be in place and the public is thanked in advance for their cooperation.


6 November 2015

Airport Major Incident Exercise - 4 November 2015
Airport Major Incident Exercise – 4 November 2015

A large scale major incident exercise took place at St Helena Airport on Wednesday 4 November 2015, as part of the Airport certification audits.

The emergency scenario simulated a crash landing at the Airport with a total of 55 passengers and crew onboard the aircraft. This exercise was very challenging with many of the people on board suffering a range of injuries. The response was led by the Airport fire fighting team and other staff, supported by the St Helena Police, Fire & Rescue and Sea Rescue teams, Health Directorate staff and senior managers and Directors. The exercise was also made possible by the large number of volunteers who participated as role actors, safety marshals and umpires (see photo attached).

Chief of Police, Trevor Botting said:

“This was a big day for St Helena Airport and was the culmination of much hard work over the last year as we developed our emergency response capability. I was very proud of all the officers and staff from St Helena who responded to the exercise with enthusiasm, commitment and professionalism.

“One of the most impressive parts of the exercise was the way in which teams from SHG worked very closely and effectively with teams and staff from the Airport. I am confident that the collaborative approach taken on Wednesday will stand St Helena in great stead for the future as we strive to keep St Helena and the Airport safe. I also want to say thank you to all of those who gave up their time as role actors and marshals for the exercise and who helped make it a great success.”

Airport Manager, Nigel Spackman added:

This was a very important event in the certification process for St Helena Airport as it’s essential that we instil confidence in the Regulator of our ability to react as a cohesive group in our response to an incident.

“Much planning, development and commitment has gone into preparing for this exercise – and taking place alongside other audits made it all the more challenging.

“The feedback I have received from the Regulator has been very positive indeed, commenting that our interagency working was impressive and our emergency response was better than at many well established Airports.  I am very proud and thankful to all those who contributed to this effort.

“This has established a robust foundation for our continuing efforts to ensure the Airport has the best possible emergency response – and will help to ensure the travelling public are confident in our ability to keep them safe.”


6 November 2015


The Police will be running a Parking Awareness Campaign during November. This campaign has been devised following a meeting between the Chief of Police and Elected Members where concerns were expressed about the abuse of the parking regulations in Jamestown.

In response to these concerns, the Parking Awareness Campaign will seek to encourage motorists to adhere to appropriate use of the two hour parking bays and yellow lines. Elected Members fully support this campaign as we head towards a busy time on the Island over the Christmas period.

Chief of Police, Trevor Botting, said:

“I’m grateful to Councillors for fully supporting our activity as we seek to ensure that the parking regulations are enforced in Jamestown. My officers will be looking for the cooperation of drivers through what will essentially be an awareness campaign. Officers will be handing out leaflets and using local radio stations and newspapers to get their message across.

“But motorists should be warned that where people continually disregard parking regulations they may face prosecution. However, I am confident that we will get the cooperation of the local community in managing these concerns.”

Chairperson of the Highways Authority, Councillor Pamela Ward Pearce added:

“The Highways Authority fully supports this campaign and hopes that the public will help to ensure safer streets for us all.”


The Police Service is seeking the assistance of the public to establish the current whereabouts of a vehicle, described as being a blue Ford motor car – possibly an Orion – with the numbers 270 in the registration.

It is believed that the car is no longer being driven on the roads, and may well have been scrapped.

If you have owned this car in the past or know of someone who has owned this car, then the Police would urge you to make contact with them.

Any information provided will be dealt with in the strictest of confidence. If you have any information, please contact Detective Sergeant David Honan at the Criminal Investigations Department on telephone number 22626 or email: Dave.honan@police.gov.sh

4 November 2015                                                                                                          



Today, Tuesday 3 November 2015, marks exactly four years since the signing of the Design, Build and Operate contract between St Helena Government and Basil Read to build an Airport on St Helena.

Over these four years, immense progress has been made – evidenced by the number of milestones reached in the past year alone. The appointment of Comair Ltd as Air Service Provider for St Helena, the completion of the concrete paving of the Runway, Apron & Taxiway, the official ‘switching on’ of the runway lights and the announcement of the Ascension Air Service to and from St Helena are just some of the important landmarks achieved this year. The biggest achievement so far of course was the landing of the first ever aircraft at St Helena Airport, on Tuesday 15 September 2015, to take part in a series of calibration flights.

Four years after the signing of the Airport contract, we are now moving away from construction works and into the operational phase of the project. All parties involved in the Airport Project are now working together towards achieving the next important milestone of gaining Airport certification.

HE Governor Capes remarked:

“Four years ago today, on 3 November 2011, I addressed a gathering in front of the Court House in Jamestown to announce that only a few minutes earlier the Airport project contract had been signed in London.  That was a special moment, great excitement matched with no small amount of trepidation about the work that lay ahead. 

“Today the government and community of St Helena can be proud of what has been achieved over the past four years.  In saying that I speak not just of the impressive pace of construction of the Airport itself, but of the performance of the community as a whole in supporting and adapting to change – as we work to raise standards across the board in healthcare, social services, education, environmental protection, policing and in so many other areas.  At times it has not been easy given our remote location and limited resources, but we continue to make strong progress as a community.  

“So I say well done St Helena.  Let us continue to work together to secure a better and more prosperous future for all who live here, paying particular attention to ensure that we remain a caring society, respectful of the values that define this special community.”

To commemorate the 4th anniversary of the Airport Project, a special exhibition will be open at the Museum of St Helena from 4-18 November 2015 highlighting key progress and developments on the Airport project to date. There will also be a photo and film display in the Tourism Office window at the Canister.

Also look out for a bumper colour edition of the Airport Update in this week’s newspapers.


3 November 2015

Careers Fair
Careers Fair

On Wednesday, 28 October 2015, St Helena’s annual Careers Fair was held at Prince Andrew School from 10am to 3.30pm and from 6.30 to 8pm.  In a busy hall both the public and private sectors took part, showcasing their activities, making presentations using videos and slideshows – and demonstrating their various business activities.

In her opening remarks, Cynthia Bennett, Work Development Coordinator for SHG, commented:

“There have been many challenges in the run-up to this year’s Careers Fair, but despite these obstacles we have all pulled together to make this event possible. Please enjoy the Fair, which I hope will give you inspiration to develop yourself professionally and achieve your full potential.”

Director of Education, Shirley Wahler, added:

“I would like to thank the Acting Chief Secretary, Government officials, Councillors, presenters and stallholders for being here today.  This event is not just about the careers of individuals but also about the future of St Helena.  As all these options are presented to you, and as you make a choice that suits you, you are also committing to the Island herself.

“This is a big event, an important event about planning for the future, and shaping the Island as a whole. Enjoy today, but take it seriously, think about what you might want to be ten years from now and how you can move in the right direction.”

Speakers covered topics such as Career Progression, Life as a Solicitor, Careers in Management, University Education, and Apprenticeships.

Careers Fair
Careers Fair

Two pictures are attached to this release.


30 October 2015

Simon Bennett
Simon Bennett

Simon Bennett, SHG’s Senior GIS Surveyor (pictured), will leave for Ascension Island on 2 November 2015 to attend a Remote Sensing workshop – on a three week course run by AIG’s Conservation team as part of its Darwin Project: ‘Mapping Ascension Island’s Terrestrial Ecosystem’.

Simon spoke of what he hopes to gain from his training:

“The workshop will expose me to different methods of data collection and analysis, which will benefit me in future Geographic Information System (GIS) works at our office here on St Helena.  It will also be a good opportunity to see various different approaches to GIS.”

Simon’s main role in SHG is to support the development of the St Helena Environmental Information System (SHEIS), including giving support to GIS users and promoting the use of GIS. He is also responsible for Land Registry surveys and for developing a fully digital map of the Island.

Simon’s trip will be funded by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) Jubilee Fund, managed by the Governor’s Office.

Simon concluded:

“I would like to thank both the FCO and the Governor’s Office for giving me this opportunity.”

Simon will return to St Helena on Saturday 28 November 2015.


30 October 2015





Executive Council met today, Thursday 29 October 2015, with five items on the Open Agenda.

Governor’s Deputy Sean Burns welcomed all to the meeting.

The first item for discussion was to consider St Helena Government’s Financial Statements 2012/13, together with the Chief Auditor’s Management Letter. The Financial Secretary subsequently signed the Financial Statements and the Chief Auditor gave his Audit opinion.

In the second item, Executive Council approved the Employment Rights (Amendment) Bill.  This Bill amends the Employment Rights Ordinance 2010 to make provision for equal pay for women. It also introduces a complaints procedure for female employees in respect of this right.

For the third item, Executive Council approved the Juries (Amendment) Bill which extends the age of Jurors to allow persons between the ages of 18 and 70 years to serve on a Jury. It also increases the minimum number of Jurors from eight to nine and makes provision for Majority rather than Unanimous verdicts.

In the fourth item, Executive Council approved the Environmental Protection Bill which provides a legislative framework for the protection of the environment, including the conservation of biodiversity, the control of pollution and hazardous substances, the control of litter and waste and the regulation of trade in endangered species.

Finally, Executive Council approved the Mental Health and Mental Capacity Bill, which will replace the existing Mental Health Ordinance. This Bill makes provision for the reception, detention, care and treatment of mentally disordered persons as well as provisions relating to persons who lack mental capacity.

All of these Bills will be presented as Government Business at the Formal Legislative Council meeting on Friday 13 November 2015.


29 October 2015