The RMS St Helena departed Cape Town today at 3.30pm (CAT) with 31 transhipment containers onboard and is due to arrive at St Helena on Saturday, 18 November, at 7am.

The revised schedule for Voyage 265 is as follows:

Depart Cape Town 13 November 2017
Arrive St Helena 18 November 2017
Depart St Helena 20 November 2017
Arrive Ascension 22 November 2017
Depart Ascension 22 November 2017
Arrive St Helena 24 November 2017
Depart St Helena 25 November 2017
Arrive Cape Town 30 November 2017

Embarkation for Voyage 266 will remain as scheduled on Friday, 1 December 2017.

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13 November 2017 

A Divine Service, in honour of those who had lost their lives or had been injured during active duty, was held at the Cenotaph in Jamestown on Sunday, 12 November 2017. Her Excellency Governor Lisa Phillips arrived at 10.55am, and the Right Reverend Lord Bishop of St Helena, Dr Richard Fenwick, invited those in attendance to pray, before observing a two-minute silence, signalled by the Last Post which was solemnly played by the Scouts.

Wreaths were laid by HE Governor Lisa Phillips, The President of the French Republic (Michel Dancoisne-Martineau), the Royal Navy (Mr Jeremy Clarke), the Army (Mr Julian Fagan), the Royal Air Force (Mr Mike Durnford), the Merchant Navy (Miss Sharon Wade), the St Helena Police Service (PC Jonathan Clark), and the St Helena Fire & Rescue Service (Mr Rhys Francis). Several schoolchildren also laid wreaths.

Canon Clive Duncan read the Lesson and prayers were led by Archdeacon Dale Bowers, Father David Musgrave, Lieutenant Coral Yon and Pastor Paul Millin. During the Service, hymns were sung, including ‘O God, Our Help in Ages Past’, ‘The Lord’s My Shepherd’ and ‘Praise My Soul the King of Heaven’. The Act of Commitment was made and acts of peace were then offered. The Service concluded with the National Anthem and Blessing, followed by the traditional March-Past outside the Court House, with music from the Get-togethers Orchestra and the Salvation Army Band.

As usual, Remembrance Sunday on St Helena was duly observed and very well attended.

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13 November 2017










Assistant Financial Secretary, Nicholas Yon, was today sworn in as Acting Financial Secretary whilst the substantive Financial Secretary, Dax Richards, is off-Island on overseas business.

Nicholas took the prescribed oaths in the Governor’s Office in the presence of Her Excellency, Governor Lisa Phillips, and colleagues.

Nicholas’ appointment is effective immediately.

Dax is scheduled to return to the Island on Saturday, 18 November.

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13 November 2017

The Roads Section will continue to carry out milling works on the section of road from Ladder Hill to the Army Hall, Half Tree Hollow, from 9am to 3pm on the following Wednesdays:

  • 15 November 2017
  • 22 November 2017
  • 29 November 2017

The public is therefore advised to drive with care whilst these works take place.

Appropriate signage and road marshals will be in place to direct traffic.

The Roads Section would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused, and thank the public in advance for their continued understanding and co-operation.

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13 November 2017

The Court of Appeal of St Helena gave a judgment on 5, October 2017 in a medical negligence case in which it decided that the Chief Justice had been wrong to find that damages paid to people who have been injured on St Helena should be the same as in England and Wales.  However, whilst the Court of Appeal held that the Chief Justice’s reasons were wrong, the Court of Appeal awarded the same amount of damages to these plaintiffs on the grounds that wages on St Helena would very soon be the same as in England.  However, there was no evidence before the court that could support that conclusion.  SHG is the defendant in this case and has decided to make a further appeal to the Privy Council (the highest court of appeal for St Helena).

If this ground is not appealed there will be implications for anyone who happens to cause injury to another person on St Helena. It is important to note that, if this judgment stands, the ordinary man or woman will also have to pay the full English rate for damages even though his or her earnings are only a third. Whilst popular opinion may be in favour of people who have been injured getting big pay-outs, local businesses and householders could be driven to bankruptcy by this level of compensation as it takes no account of the economic circumstances on St Helena.

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10 November 2017


The ‘Superheroes’ of the Education & Employment Directorate would like to thank everyone who supported their ‘Pass the Baton’ relay which took place on Saturday, 7 October 2017, in aid of the Cancer Support & Awareness Charity.

People generously sponsored the superheroes and kindly gave donations on the day, allowing them to raise a grand total of £1686.51.

Thanks are extended to Mr Melvyn Benjamin and Mr Lionel Jonas for providing transport on the day, which was greatly appreciated.

A cheque was presented to members of the Cancer Support & Awareness Charity on Monday, 30 October, at the Education & Learning Centre.

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10 November 2017





A set of population projections have been released by the Statistics Office, using the baseline of the 2016 Population & Housing Census, and three scenarios about migration to and from St Helena – no migration, low migration and high migration. Both the low and high migration models assume net immigration to St Helena – that is, more people will arrive than will depart.

With no migration, there will likely be a fall in the size of St Helena’s population, because the number of deaths each year is likely to continue to be more than the number of births. The low and high migration models, however, result in an increase in population size. Both the no migration and low migration scenarios result in a reduction in the working age population, and under all three scenarios the old age dependency ratio – the ratio of those aged 65 and over compared to those of working age – increases.

Projected age distribution of St Helena’s population under three migration scenarios

Population projections help understand the size and structure of the future population, and are a useful input for planning and managing St Helena’s development.

But, it is important to bear in mind that these projections are the result of a number of assumptions about the future patterns of growth in St Helena’s population. Small changes in the actual fertility, mortality and migration patterns may have quite large impacts on the size of different groups of the population. For this reason, population projections are not predictions, rather, they show how St Helena’s population would evolve if the assumptions that are made were to hold true.

More details are available in the Bulletin and the accompanying dataset which are available on the Statistics page of the SHG website:

For any queries, please contact the Statistics Office on tel: 22138, or email:


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10 November 2017





The RMS St Helena is currently docked in Cape Town awaiting the berthing of vessel MSC Paris that is carrying 31 transhipment containers for St Helena.

The MSC Paris has been delayed due to strong high winds in Cape Town causing the port to close earlier in the week. This has slowed down the discharge of vessels already in the port and blocked the available berths.

Due to these unforeseen delays, it is now very likely that transhipment cargo will not be available to load onto the RMS until Sunday, 12, and Monday, 13 November 2017, resulting in the need to delay departure for Voyage 265 in order to carry the cargo.

Until the MSC Paris is docked and cargo discharge commences, it is difficult to forecast the length of the delay.

Agents in Cape Town will do everything they can to expedite the movement of the transhipment cargo and minimise the delay to departure and subsequent impact on the RMS’ onward schedule.

The public will be kept updated via the local radio stations.

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10 November 2017