April Lawrence
April Lawrence

Student April Lawrence, of Half Tree Hollow, has been awarded a Second Class Honours Upper Division Degree in Sociology and Psychology by the University of Portsmouth.

April left the Island in 2010 under the Post-School Scholarship Programme to undertake three years of study for her Bachelor of Science Degree in Sociology and Psychology.

April’s degree covered a variety of modules which included Sociological Analysis, Analysing Social Data, Self and Society and Abnormal Psychology. She also studied Childhood, Youth and Social Problems, Deviance, Crime and Social Control, Neighbourhoods and Communities, Risk in Society and Essential Social and Cognitive Psychology. In her third and final year, April’s study focused on Young People, State and Society, Violence, War and Society, Forensic and Clinical and Health Psychology.

While at University, April also undertook relevant voluntary work experience as a Contact Centre volunteer with an organisation called The E.C. Roberts Centre where she was involved in supervising the contact between parents and children who rarely see each other due to difficult circumstances. April also completed training which enabled her to become a Mentor with Motiv8, an organisation that engages and supports young people in accessing better life chances.

Speaking with April about her achievement, she said:

“I can confidently say that another goal of mine has been achieved and I would like to thank the Government of St Helena for providing me with my scholarship to fulfil this opportunity.

“If anyone is thinking of going to University, then do pursue it. You will not be disappointed.”

SHG UK Representative, Kedell Worboys, added:

“April has been a hardworking and dedicated student and thoroughly deserves her award. She will make a positive contribution to the Social Services on St Helena and is a shining example to other young people on the Island.”

April will graduate from the University of Portsmouth on 23 July 2013. Following a short holiday in the UK, April will return to St Helena in October.

16 July 2013

In April this year, a defibrillator was generously donated to the Island by the UK South East Coast Ambulance Service. Since then, Prison Manager, Martin David, a Police Tactical First Aid Trainer and medic, has been conducting training courses with staff of the Police, Customs, Life Guards and members of the St Helena Dive Club.  Trainees for the course were selected due to their involvement with the emergency and rescue services and their location, including at the swimming pool.  DSC_0580

Currently training takes place at the Prison spanning between two and four hours depending on the trainee’s knowledge and experience in First Aid.

At present, the defibrillator is not aimed at sea rescue but can be deployed in a case where it might be needed in the wharf area. The defibrillator is currently housed at the HM prison, in Jamestown, as it is the only 24 hour running operation in the area.

The use of the community defibrillator differs to that of the Hospital – all personnel qualified through the First Aid training sessions can operate it. So far, seven people are qualified to use the machine, but it is hoped more than thirty will qualify by the end of July.

There is only one community machine in operation but Martin says: “We would always be keen to receive any future donations.”


16 July 2013




A review of SHG’s Public Service Modernisation Programme (PSMP), carried out by the DFID Overseas Territories Governance Advisor, and drawing on the implementing partner (Oxford Policy Management) – has been recently completed.  It also drew on regular project reporting, previous annual reviews, and planning and performance information produced by SHG.

The PSMP sought to develop the policy and institutional frameworks required to deliver a range of core public services in an efficient and effective manner.  It looked at strengthening governance, effective policy making, strategic planning and performance management, as well as developing a comprehensive set of policies and processes to attract, retain, manage and develop the right human resources.

The project was rated by DFID as an overall A+

The concept of policy management was also examined by the PSMP, developing guidance materials and other support for officials and Elected Members.  This has resulted in a tangible increase in the demand for evidence as part of policy making and an increased focus on the breadth and quality of statistics on St Helena.  

The project made a strong contribution to the organisational capacity in SHG to manage policy and performance.  The establishment of the Strategic Policy and Planning Unit (SPPU) in 2010 responded directly to a project recommendation, with the Unit’s remit expanding as experience has grown. We have seen year on year improvements in fiscal understanding and budget cycle management.

The Director of Strategic Policy and Planning, Susan O’Bey, commented: “We are all extremely pleased with the A+ marking from DFID.  Although considerable further work is required in the coming months and years to build upon our success, SHG now has a much clearer understanding of what it would like to achieve and has more robust systems and central capacity to move towards this vision.”


15 July 2013


The General Election 2013 will be held this Wednesday, 17 July 2013.

Each voter will be able to select up to 12 candidates, from the 20 listed on the Ballot Paper. You do not have to use all 12 votes – you can just select your one favourite, or two or three – in fact any number up to 12. If you select more than 12, your Ballot Paper will be invalid, and none of your votes will be counted.

A green leaflet on the voting process, including the list of candidates, and examples of valid and invalid Ballot Papers can be found in the following outlets:
• The Public Library
• The Customer Service Centre
• Jamestown Spar
• A&D’s Mini Mart
• Half Tree Hollow Spar
• Phillip John’s
• Sandy Bay (Thorpe’s)
• Sandy Bay (Solomon & Company)
• Silver Hill (Solomon & Company)
• Longwood Supermarket

Polling Stations at the Levelwood, Harford, Jamestown, Blue Hill, Sandy Bay, Kingshurst and Half Tree Hollow Community Centres and at Judges’ Lodge, Alarm Forest, will be open from 10 am to 7pm, they will close promptly at 7pm.

Counting of votes will begin in the main hall at Prince Andrew School at approximately 8 pm – after which the results will be declared, with candidates and supporters in attendance.

15 July 2013

Dax Richards is Sworn  in as Acting Financial Secretary
Dax Richards is Sworn in as Acting Financial Secretary

Assistant Financial Secretary, Dax Richards, has been appointed Acting Financial Secretary, following the departure of the substantive Financial Secretary, Colin Owen.

Dax took the prescribed Oaths of Office in the presence of His Excellency, Governor Capes, on Thursday 11 July 2013 – the third time Dax had taken on this role.

Colin Owen and his family departed the Island on Sunday 7 July for a period of overseas leave. He will return to St Helena on Monday, 2 September 2013.

15 July 2013

Stored Water Levels in Redhill Zone at Approx 18% of Normal Volume

The continued dry weather on St Helena has meant that the water situation in affected areas remains serious.

As we advised both media in a water update on 18 & 19 June respectively, one significant rainfall event (overnight on 14 June) had meant that:

• Although ‘Water levels in the Redhill distribution area remain exceptionally low’ – ‘consumption remained around 250 cubic metres per day’ – meaning 10 days’ supply:

‘Rain which has previously just soaked into the dry ground is now reaching the Earth Dam, but will need several weeks of settling before it can be used

That rain water, from the Harpers 1 & 2 Reservoirs, has now settled and is available as a reserve for the Redhill district water system.

However, compared to the normal Scotts Mill and Harpers reservoir levels at this time of year, this still only represents about 18% of the Redhill water volume that we would normally expect. Piping of additional water to the Scotts Mill reservoir continues and this is helping to stabilise the situation.

It also means that we have moved from around 14 days’ stored supply to over 30 days. But, consumption in the Redhill zone has crept up, to around 300 cubic metres per day.

This means that the situation remains serious, but not critical. Ahead of us lies the drier period between September/October and March.The laying of pipework and preparatory work for the pump to transfer water from Levelwood into the Hutts Gate system continues apace.

Residents served by the Redhill distribution plant are once again urged to continue to lower their water consumption. The Island as a whole is reminded that the Hosepipe Ban is still in force. Every effort to reduce usage must continue in order to stretch water supplies until we receive some more significant rainfall.

9 July 2013

Returning Officer, Gillian Francis, has today appointed the following persons as Presiding Officers and Assistant Presiding Officers for this year’s General Election – to be held on Wednesday, 17 July 2013.

Polling Station

Presiding Officer


Assistant Presiding Officer


Blue Hill Community Centre


Mrs Georgina Young

Mrs Sandra Williams


Half Tree Hollow Community Centre


Mrs Connie Johnson

Mrs Stephanie Crook


Harford Community Centre


Mrs Carol Thompson

Miss Linda Cranfield


Judges Lodge, Alarm Forest


Mrs Brenda Thomas

Mrs Jane Augustus


Kingshurst Community Centre


Mrs Karen Yon

Mrs Cynthia Bennett


Levelwood Community Centre


Mrs Cecily Bateman

Miss Paula Moyce


Jamestown Community Centre


Mrs Olive Williams

Miss Joan Yon


Sandy Bay Community Centre

Mr Gerald Benjamin

Mrs Thelma Sim


Polling Stations will be open from 10am to 7pm on the day of the Poll. Members of the public are encouraged not to leave it until the last minute to vote, as Polling Stations will close at exactly 7pm.


9 July 2013 


There will be one Election on Wednesday 17 July 2013, to elect 12 Councillors to represent the whole Island.  This means that all the candidates’ names will all on one Ballot Paper.

Each voter will be able to select up to 12 candidates.  But you do not have to use all 12 votes – you can just select your one favourite, or two or three – in fact any number up to 12. If you select more than 12, your Ballot Paper will be invalid, and none of your votes will be counted.

Polling Stations at the Levelwood, Harford, Jamestown, Blue Hill, Sandy Bay, Kingshurst and Half Tree Hollow Community Centres and at Judges’ Lodge, Alarm Forest will be open from 10 am to 7 pm. 

Counting of votes will begin in the main hall at Prince Andrew School at approximately 8 pm – after which the results will be declared, with candidates and supporters in attendance.


9 July 2013 


The public are reminded that entries are invited from 10 years and upwards in the St Helena Photography Competition. 

All photos submitted must be taken on St Helena, but otherwise there are no conditions or caveats.  They can be existing photographs that you have already taken, or new ones, and can be on any subject.  For example, your family or friends, your home surroundings, a celebration or your favourite spot on the Island.  Indoors or outdoors, high quality or not – please feel free to submit all types of photographs that reflect any aspect of life on this Island. 

Apart from terrific cash prizes, winning entries will receive publicity as well as being placed on SHG’s new, more visual website.

Prizes for first place (£150), second (£75) and third (£50) will be awarded in each of three age categories.  These are those aged 10-15, 16-21 and 22 years and over.  So get snapping!

Images submitted for judging (a maximum of 5 photos per entry) should be stored on a CD or a memory stick, and placed in an envelope with a description of the pictures and approximate date/s taken, together with your name, age, and contact details.  Your entry should be addressed to Ian Jones, Chief Public Relations Officer, 1 Main Street.  If you have any questions at all about the competition, please call tel. no. 2368.

The closing date for entries is 4pm on Wednesday 31 July 2013.


8 July 2013



Mark Brumbill, Commercial Fisheries Development Manager, left St Helena on Sunday 7 July.  Julian Morris, Chief Executive for Economic Development, said:

“Mark had completed his initial appraisal and report on the St Helena Fishery, which sets out the many opportunities available to the Island. 

“I regret Mark’s departure, which is a loss to the Island, although I fully understand his decision to leave.  After considering a number of factors, including unfair and unwarranted comments from a few individuals, including some very serious personal threats to him and his family, Mark concluded that it would be extremely difficult for him to remain here to help Saints develop a prosperous and sustainable fishing industry.  I am grateful to Mark and his family, who made a significant commitment by leaving their home in Brazil to come here and share Mark’s skills and experience with those who want to see growth in St Helena’s fishing sector. 

“Mark identified great potential for St Helena’s fishery, provided that it can adapt to change, involving various fishing techniques and different approaches to business organisation, all matters on which he was well qualified to advise.  Looking ahead, we will build on his work by supporting a number of local fishing initiatives – the Fish Aggregation Devices and local boats trialling alternative fishing techniques, Argos moving the fishing boat The Argonaut to St Helena, the IGFA initiative and exploring the possibilities with Global Fish.”

On behalf of ESH

8 July 2013