Local Economic Impacts of the Rockfall Protection Project

St Helena Government has today published a Rockfall Protection Project: Local Economic Impacts report following an analysis of the economic impacts of the six-month Rockfall Protection Project by CAN France and Fairhurst. This report is available on the Public Information, Reports and Policies page of the SHG website: https://www.sainthelena.gov.sh/government/public-information/

In July 2019, Executive Council approved works to install rockfall protection measures in Rupert’s Valley and Upper Jamestown. As this was the first project approved under the Economic Development Investment Programme (EDIP), there was significant public interest in how a project staffed primarily by international contractors would benefit St Helena.

In order to gain a better understanding of the benefits of this specific project and to provide evidence to evaluate future projects requiring support from international contractors, SHG undertook an analysis of local spending associated with the rockfall protection works.

Based on this analysis, SHG estimates the Project resulted in:

  • Over a quarter million pounds injected into the local economy over the six months of the project (roughly £90 per day per contractor – similar to the amount spent by a person visiting St Helena to see friends or relatives, according to the Tourism Survey)
  • Employment of 26 local workers
  • Contribution to SHG revenues from duty paid on cigarettes, alcohol, fuel and other imported products
  • 41% of the £187,000 project-level spending contributed to Tourism Providers (accommodation and car hire).

Notes to Editors

The Rockall Projection Project is part of the ‘Altogether Safer’ goal in the Ten Year Plan; a project approved under the EDIP.  The analysis illustrates the positive impact on the local economy, contributing to local goods and services. A significant portion of the quarter million pounds supported Tourism Providers currently facing challenges from COVID-19 impacts due to lack of tourists. The data obtained in the analysis suggest the average daily spending associated with this Project is similar to that of long-stay leisure visitors. Therefore, the Rockfall Protection Project can be used as a comparable example in decision-making regarding future projects requiring specialised expertise from international contractors.

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20 July 2020

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