Social & Community Development Committee Meeting

                             WEDNESDAY, 8 JULY 2020

  • SCDC urges Children & Adults Social Care to finalise contingency plans in respect of care facilities and COVID-19  preparedness
  • Preliminary plans to review the Better Life Allowance
  • Information Bill proposed in 2018 to be discontinued and replaced to provide for the disclosure of information held by SHG
  • Revised Policy for Disabled Facilities Grants

The monthly meeting of the Social & Community Development Committee (SCDC) took place on Wednesday, 8 July 2020.

The Committee urged the Children & Adults Social Care Directorate (CASC) to finalise contingency plans in respect of the various care facilities and other care arrangements for vulnerable persons in relation to COVID-19 preparedness. The Director will update her Risk Register to take account of COVID-19 and ensure it encompasses all areas of risks.

Preliminary plans were discussed to assist the Director of CASC to begin a review of the Better Life Allowance.

The Information Bill, originally proposed in 2018, will be discontinued and replaced by a Bill which will provide for the disclosure of information held by St Helena Government and matters related thereto. This Bill, which proposes to put the current Public Access to SHG Information Code of Practice (‘the Code’) onto a statutory basis, will be debated in due course by Legislative Council.

A proposed revised Policy for Disabled Facilities Grants was discussed and will now be updated and published. The main purpose of Disabled Facilities Grants is to provide essential adaptations to allow children and adults with disabilities better and safer freedom of movement into and around their home and to access essential facilities within it.

Work by the sub-committee on an initial examination of the Elections Ordinance will be completed soon and will be discussed by the Committee next month.

A work plan for the review of the Minimum Income Standard (MIS) basket will be briefly deferred to allow this to be taken forward as a priority by the new Social Policy Planner whose appointment is expected soon.

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20 July 2020

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